Lena Kim

Lena Kim

Lena is a freelance writer and reporter based in San Francisco and has written for various arts/culture and tech blogs. Interests include the intersection of lifestyle and tech as well as gizmos and gadgets aplenty, whosits and whatsits galore. Full disclosure: Lena Kim holds investments in Facebook.

First Lady Michelle Obama most recent political figure to join Pinterest

Scrapbooking social network Pinterest is becoming an unexpectedly useful new tool in political campaigns, with the First Lady being the most recent political spouse to join the site.


Neal Stephenson’s swordfighting Kickstarter fund has already raised $190,000

Neal Stephenson's sword-fighting Kickstarter project Clang is off to a strong start with $190,000 in funding within two days, paving the way for a new generation of medieval action games.


Netflix Open Connect cuts out data-slinging middle men, eases load on ISPs

After a rocky PR year in 2011, Netflix may finally get some positive attention for its new Open Connect content delivery system, which may improve streaming service.

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WikiLeaks founder Assange loses extradition appeal, remains in U.K.

The British Supreme Court rejected WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's appeal against extradition to Sweden on Wednesday.


Star Trek sequel rumor round-up

Principal photography has wrapped on the new Star Trek sequel, expected out in May 2013, and bits and pieces of intel are starting to come out on the as-yet unnamed follow-up to the 2009 blockbuster. Here are some of the tantalizing bits we know so far about…

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Google Knowledge Graph understands what you’re searching for

Google's new Knowledge Graph promises to help make your searches more relevant.


Etsy secures $40 Million, eyes international growth

Investors demonstrate their confidence in the DIY movement as popular online marketplace Etsy.com looks to expand.


Anonymous targets Virgin Media, TalkTalk

Hacktivist group Anonymous began attacking two UK-based internet service providers this week in retaliation for their blocking popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay.


Meet South Korea’s new robotic prison guards

With incarceration rates on the rise, South Korea's latest robotic endeavor seeks to alleviate stress on overworked prison guards.

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Lucasfilm scraps plans for new studio after 25 years of complaints, flips local residents the bird

After a quarter-century of delays, Lucasfilm Ltd. has pulled its bid for the location for its Grady Ranch facility. But it's not going quietly.


Minerva Project: The online university challenging the Ivy League

With demand for higher education greater than it's ever been, could a new business model be a solution to a growing problem? One Silicon Valley CEO thinks so, and hopes to prove it with the Minerva Project.

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Evernote lures app developers with new developer tools, site

The wildly popular productivity app Evernote demonstrates a commitment to its developer community with a new redesign.

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Twitter turns six: Looking back at what 140 characters have accomplished

Six years ago, Twitter started giving users 140 characters to share their thoughts with the world, and started changing the course of it.

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