Les Shu

Les Shu

As the photography editor for Digital Trends, I bring with me more than a decade of tech and lifestyle journalism experience. I have written for a variety publications that include Laptop, Men's Fitness, Computer Shopper, More, Best Life, and Men's Journal. My approach to tech is simple: Highlighting the best products that are easy to use with the most bang for your buck. On the side, I am an airline nerd who enjoys building Lego sets.

Slate, Adobe’s visual storytelling app, now available on the Web 0:30

Slate is a new, easy-to-use iPad and Web-based storytelling app from Adobe designed to help users create visually stunning websites for presentations such as newsletters, book reports, and even magazines.

LEDs in Lumenus apparel aren’t just flashy, they could help save lives

A startup smart apparel company, Lumenus, uses embedded LEDs in apparel that can be customized to act as notifications or safety indicators. Designed for cyclists and pedestrians, the lights can help better protect users.

Fujifilm unveils small 35mm prime lens that delivers big results

Fujifilm has a new 35mm f/2 weather-resistant lens that's highly compact, yet it can produce images that are close to what the human eye sees. In addition, there's a new weather-resistant teleconverter.
Cool Tech

As US Airways flies into sunset, here’s a look back at its innovations

As US Airways makes it final flight on October 16, we take a look back at the carrier's innovation legacy, since its early days as a mail carrier for the U.S. Post Office.
Social Media

South Park ridicules entitled Yelp reviewers who think their words matter

There's a lot of noise in social media, particular with crowd-sourced reviews sites like Yelp. The latest episode of South Park pokes fun at self-absorbed and entitled Yelp users who think they are important critics.

Kenu Airframe+ smartphone car mount gets luxury upgrade with all-leather version

Kenu's Airframe+ is a simple yet highly useful car mount for your smartphone. Now, it's available in an all-leather version to match premium devices.
Cool Tech

Meet Poppi, the airline that wants to fix everything awful about air travel

Poppi, an airline concept, introduces disruptive startup concepts for today’s airlines that could change our perceptions of air travel.