Les Shu

Les Shu

As the photography editor for Digital Trends, I bring with me more than a decade of tech and lifestyle journalism experience. I have written for a variety publications that include Laptop, Men's Fitness, Computer Shopper, More, Best Life, and Men's Journal. My approach to tech is simple: Highlighting the best products that are easy to use with the most bang for your buck. On the side, I am an airline nerd who enjoys building Lego sets.

Turn your Android Lollipop phone into a DSLR-like camera with Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear's latest version of its app puts more camera features into Android devices, including those normally found in high-end cameras. The app, enhanced for Android Lollipop, comes with several useful auto-fix functions.

Forever 21’s latest knockoff lands company in hot water with Adobe

Fashion retailer Forever 21 has often been accused of ripping off other designers' work. Its latest infringement, however, has software giant Adobe seeking big fines for pirated versions of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Motrr Galileo auto-rotating dock adds support for iPhone 6, new app for video chat

Creating 360-degree panoramas is a cinch on your iPhone if you have a Galileo robotic dock and a free app from Sphere. The dock automatically pans and tilts your iPhone to capture the view all around you.

Trippy Clip lens gives your smartphone camera a far-out feeling, no drugs required

The Trippy Clip is a spring-loaded clip-on lens that attaches onto the camera of almost any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. What it gives your photos is a unique prism effect.
Product Review

VSN Mobil V.360 Review

Lag and poor photo quality wash out our enthusiasm for this 360-degree camcorder.
Cool Tech

Robot baggage handlers, biometric scanners and more airport upgrades coming soon

Airports are upgrading their technologies to meet the demands of modern travel. While they’ll become cleaner and more efficient, passengers will have to do a lot more on their own.

Android photographers can sell photos on Snapwire via new native app

Snapwire, a stock photo agency that is leveraging the increasing use of mobile devices among photographers, has launched its app for Android. The app allows Android users to connect with buyers, and sell their photos.

Panasonic puts tilt-up LCD for selfies in retro-inspired GF7 Micro Four Thirds camera 1:30

For selfie addicts, Panasonic's new Lumix GF7 Micro Four Thirds camera has a 180-degree tilting LCD and auto-shooting modes for self-portraits. The camera also has a cool retro design and speedy autofocusing.

Feeling spontaneous? Booking Now lets you score a last-minute bed from your phone

The increasing use of smartphones has created a new type of spontaneous traveler, who prefer to book hotels at the last-minute. Recognizing this trend, especially within the Millennial generation, Booking.com has launched a new app for it.