Les Shu

Les Shu

As the photography editor for Digital Trends, I bring with me more than a decade of tech and lifestyle journalism experience. I have written for a variety publications that include Laptop, Men's Fitness, Computer Shopper, More, Best Life, and Men's Journal. My approach to tech is simple: Highlighting the best products that are easy to use with the most bang for your buck. On the side, I am an airline nerd who enjoys building Lego sets.

9 travel tech trends that will make 2016 a great year to get out of town

Technology is changing the future of travel, and the industry is evolving to adapt. We look at nine tech trends that are reshaping how we travel.

11 ways to photograph memorable holiday moments with your phone

Did your Christmas photos come out not as well as you would have liked? Don't blame your phone entirely. As the New Year approaches, check out these handy tips for making your next holiday photos memorable.

Sony's A7R II made us fall in love with cameras all over again

No recent camera has been as advanced as Sony’s A7R II, a high-resolution full-frame wonder that captures fantastic photos and 4K videos, for pros and enthusiasts alike.

VideoBlocks partners with Discovery Channel, adds network’s unused footage to library

VideoBlocks, the stock video provider, has inked a deal with the Discovery Channel to offer 30,000 HD and 4K clips in its Marketplace. The footage span 30 years of Discovery's programming.

GoPro footage shows pilots’ POV of Qantas 747 landing in San Francisco

To mark the return of its flights to San Francisco, Qantas created this time-lapse video, from a GoPro, of the inaugural approach and landing. The refreshed Boeing 747-400 made the trip from Sydney.

The nation’s 10 best airports make holiday travel a little less awful

J.D. Power has named Portland International as the best large airport in customer satisfaction. The survey found overall satisfaction has improved since 2010.

Jazz up dull Instagram photos with Adobe Post, no design skills required 0:30

Adobe Post is an iPhone photo-editing app designed for turning images into impactful graphics, for the times you need to say something on social media. The app helps you create highly polished, professional-looking images.

iPhone, Canon, Nikon top Flickr’s most popular cameras of 2015

Flickr's annual Year in Review report reveals several trends among Flickr users and the photos and videos that were uploaded in 2015. The iPhone remains the most popular camera, while lime green is popular during summer.

Panasonic’s Post Focus mode lets you shoot first, worry about refocusing later

Panasonic is introducing a new shooting mode called Post Focus. With one press of the shutter button, the camera shoots multiple photos with multiple focus points, allowing you to "refocus" later.