Les Shu

Les Shu

As the photography editor for Digital Trends, I bring with me more than a decade of tech and lifestyle journalism experience. I have written for a variety publications that include Laptop, Men's Fitness, Computer Shopper, More, Best Life, and Men's Journal. My approach to tech is simple: Highlighting the best products that are easy to use with the most bang for your buck. On the side, I am an airline nerd who enjoys building Lego sets.

Sony’s third-gen RX10 bridge camera gets 25x long-zoom lens

Sony's third generation RX10, the Mark III, takes the best of the RX10 II and pairs it with a capable 25x Zeiss lens with optical image stabilization. The lens covers a long focal range, and uses Sony's latest lens technologies.

In a social world, Nikon asks, do you ‘like’ or ‘love’ your photos

With a commentary on social behavior, Nikon has launched a new advertising campaign that asks if users simply 'like' or 'love' their photos. Nikon says quality photos can enhance our emotions and passions.

Record-breaking fiber-optic research is good news for high-speed VR, 4K data transfer

Engineers at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champagne broke a record by delivering the fastest "error free" transfer speeds through fiber-optic wires, to date. The technology is promising for sending big data quickly.

Google’s advanced desktop photo editing software are now free downloads

Google is known for making terrific software that's available for free. For professional and enthusiast photographers, the company has just made its suite of advanced photo editing tools, the Nik Collection, gratis.

Kayak hack lets you search for flights and hotels within Slack messages

Travel website Kayak has added support for searches within the Slack messaging tool. Now, you can quickly find flight and hotel information simply by hacking Slack with "/kayak" and a search query.
Movies & TV

10 otherworldly movie locales you can visit in real life without a spaceship

From Star Wars to the Hunger Games, many of the fantasy locales weren’t created in a computer, but can be found here on Earth. Here are 10 places we would gladly visit.

Update: Panasonic GH4’s new firmware adds post focusing and 4K Photo burst modes

Billed as the world's first mirrorless camera to capture 4K video, Panasonic has turned its flagship GH series from photo camera to a moviemaking machine. The GH4 has loads of new components and features designed to satisfy for hobbyist and…

Adobe brings ‘all-in-one’ solution for quickly designing websites and mobile apps 1:53

Adobe gave a glimpse last year of new software, Project Comet, that lets you quickly build interactive websites and mobile apps simultaneously. Now called Experience Design CC, it's available for download as a free preview.

Shutterstock’s visual search engine could make browsing photos less of a chore

Shutterstock has unveiled its Reverse Image Search tool that finds photos similar to any image you upload, yielding greater accuracy than keywords alone. The technology took a year to build, but demonstrates how far computer vision has…

Jazz up dull Instagram photos with Adobe Post, no design skills required 0:30

Adobe Post is an iPhone photo-editing app designed for turning images into impactful graphics, for the times you need to say something on social media. The app helps you create highly polished, professional-looking images.