Les Shu

Les Shu

As the photography editor for Digital Trends, I bring with me more than a decade of tech and lifestyle journalism experience. I have written for a variety publications that include Laptop, Men's Fitness, Computer Shopper, More, Best Life, and Men's Journal. My approach to tech is simple: Highlighting the best products that are easy to use with the most bang for your buck. On the side, I am an airline nerd who enjoys building Lego sets.

Stuck in the middle? Use these tips on locating the best economy seats

Flying in the economy cabin isn't the most comfortable, but some seats are actually worse. To help you find the right seat, we've assembled some tried-and-true tips that will make your flight feel less like flying cargo.

Cool Tech

Disney iPhone app turns selfies into 3D characters from Star Wars, Frozen

Disney's latest iPhone app, "Show Your Disney Side," turns your mug into one of several characters from Disney's amusement parks. For Star Wars fans, that means you can "dress up" as Darth Maul or X-Wing Pilot.


Twenty20’s licensing service is powered by portfolio of 45 million ‘authentic’ photos

Twenty20 is a new agency that focuses on mobile photography. It says it delivers what traditional agencies lack, which is authenticity. Its other secret sauce? A portfolio that already has more than 45 million photos.


Create your own TV network with Livestream’s Broadcaster Mini

The Broadcaster Mini is a new compact gadget from Livestream that turns any camera with HDMI into a live-broadcasting camera. It encodes Full HD 1080p video at 4 Mbps, and supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi for fast streaming.


Lytro to lay off big chunk of staff, refocus its technology on virtual reality

Despite a new round of venture capital investment, Lytro announced that it is cutting staff and shifting its business toward video and virtual reality. CEO Jason Rosenthal says light-field technology is perfect for VR.


Western Digital puts extra horsepower into newest My Cloud network hard drives

For photographers, videographers, designers, and other users who work with lots of large files, WD has new high-performance My Cloud network-attached storage drives designed with them in mind. In addition, there are new business models.


Panasonic’s lens lineup now includes affordable macro and portrait options

Owners of Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds camera have two new lens options: a 30mm macro lens for shooting up close, and a 42.5mm lens that's designed for portrait photography.


Before going GoPro, take Sony's smaller, sleeker Action Cam Mini for a run

Sony managed to downsize its Action Cam without degrading image quality or usability, making it one of the best POV models alongside GoPro.

  • Pros: Great image quality , Compact size , Rugged body without…
  • Cons: Short battery life , No fine-tuning adjustments…

Photoshop may be 25 years old, but it still manages to stay fresh

This week, Adobe marks the 25th anniversary of Photoshop, the revolutionary software that ushered in digital imaging on the desktop. We spoke with Adobe's Zorana Gee about Photoshop's past, present, and future.


Wundershine ‘smart’ frames are like an instant Polaroid for wall art

Wundershine is a new photo frame that blends analog with digital. Prints can be made and ordered via a smartphone app, and the frame uses an automated feeding system to easily swap out color thermal prints.