Louie Herr

Louie Herr

Former Digital Trends Contributor

I wanna be like Kev: Unpacking Digg’s complicated legacy

His crowning achievement may have cratered, but Kevin Rose’s tale – and Digg’s – remains a fascinating look at the madcap world of Silicon Valley.


WWSJD? Why even Steve Jobs would support a 7-inch iPad today

The iPad Mini rumors cannot be stopped, even though the device's originator infamously declared war on 7-inch tablets. But the times they are a-changin', and it's safe to argue that Steve Jobs would be in favor of shrinking the iPad.


Opinion: Do we really want a Facebook Want button?

Facebook’s rumored “Want” button has the potential to radically reshape digital advertising, but do we really want to telegraph our every desire to marketers?


Option overload: How filters can help you focus

Technology presents us with more choices to make than ever before, but no extra time to make them. Here’s how filters and limiting choices can save time and keep you sane in a digital age.


Scratching the Surface: The uncertain future of Microsoft’s tablet

The fate of Microsoft’s Surface tablet lies in a number of unknowns, including how well the company can deliver on what it has promised so far.


Opinion: Dear Skype: It’s over between us

Years of bad choices and Skype’s most recent decision to introduce “Conversation Ads” leave one loyal user with no choice but to split.


Halfway to nowhere: How hybrid gadgets make two rights a wrong

Trying to provide the best of both worlds often ends up bringing out the worst instead.


Minting music: How to setup a DIY recording studio on your computer

From choosing microphones to distributing your polished songs, learn how to setup a DIY recording studio on your computer and start getting your music out there.


Fun with funding: What it’s like to run a Kickstarter project

Kickstarter has spawned some incredible projects, but what’s it like to actually run one? Here’s what it takes.


Adobe Creative Cloud: What it means for you (no matter who you are)

Adobe's new Creative Cloud service may appeal to some users, but the recurring payment may not be worth it for power users


Loving to hate: Why our most important technologies are the most infuriating

Technology giveth and technology taketh away. These devices may be some of the most useful, but they’re also some of the most agonizingly infuriating.

Cool Tech

Watching sports online: How each league’s streaming options stack up

Between blackouts, ISP restrictions and time delays, watching sports online makes televising a moon landing look easy. But some are better than others. Here’s what each league has to offer for cable-deprived online viewers.


Blood, sweat and tape: How music gets made

Buying music is easy but there's a lot of work that goes into creating and we take a moment a to explore the process.


This is your brain on Oregon Trail: Lessons learned from a childhood of gaming

Gaming isn’t the violence-inducing waste of time it’s sometimesmade out to be. Here are some important life lessons I learned from my childhood screen time.


Armageddon-proof backup plans for your irreplaceable files

OK, maybe thermonuclear war will still annihilate your priceless Ramones bootlegs, but a simple and inexpensive 3-2-1 backup plan can ensure your most valuable files survive whatever you do.