Louie Herr

Louie Herr

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Adobe Creative Cloud: What it means for you (no matter who you are)

Adobe's new Creative Cloud service may appeal to some users, but the recurring payment may not be worth it for power users
Cool Tech

Loving to hate: Why our most important technologies are the most infuriating

Technology giveth and technology taketh away. These devices may be some of the most useful, but they’re also some of the most agonizingly infuriating.

Watching sports online: How each league’s streaming options stack up

Between blackouts, ISP restrictions and time delays, watching sports online makes televising a moon landing look easy. But some are better than others. Here’s what each league has to offer for cable-deprived online viewers.

Blood, sweat and tape: How music gets made

Buying music is easy but there's a lot of work that goes into creating and we take a moment a to explore the process.

This is your brain on Oregon Trail: Lessons learned from a childhood of gaming

Gaming isn’t the violence-inducing waste of time it’s sometimesmade out to be. Here are some important life lessons I learned from my childhood screen time.

Armageddon-proof backup plans for your irreplaceable files

OK, maybe thermonuclear war will still annihilate your priceless Ramones bootlegs, but a simple and inexpensive 3-2-1 backup plan can ensure your most valuable files survive whatever you do.

Write better with the right tools: Apps and ideas for aspiring writers

Capture your once-in-a-lifetime ideas, write your best work and publish it for the world to read using these simple apps for writers.

Can’t Mac and Windows fans just get along? How evangelical fanboys do more harm than good

Windows or Mac? Xbox or PlayStation? Android or iPhone? Drawing lines in the sand over our smallest differences doesn’t accomplish much besides fracturing a community that should share many of the same goals.

Essential iPhone apps for Getting Things Done on the go

Organize your life and stay productive with these three simple, inexpensive productivity apps for Getting Things Done on the iPhone.
Home Theater

Seven tips for better music listening at home

You don't need to piles of cash or a degree in audio production to step your home music experience up to the next level. Here are seven simple tips to help recreate the recording studio experience – and fidelity – at home.