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Mariella Moon

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Mariella loves working on both helpful and awe-inspiring science and technology stories. When she's not at her desk writing, you can find her in her room reading books, in front of the mirror trying to perfect her winged eyeliner, or crouched on the floor, giving her dog, Roco, a belly rub.

Microsoft entices Windows app developers by paying $100 per published app

Microsoft's "Keep the Cash" promo will grant developers $100 per qualifying app and, if done right, could lead to more quality apps in the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

Google rolls out Chromebooks in 6 more countries, doubles U.S. Best Buy sellers

In an effort to widen Chromebooks' market availability, Google is releasing three models in six different countries, while stocking up more than 1,000 Best Buys with their Chrome OS laptops stateside.

IBM helps tech-inept CEOs cope with the modern world

The person occupying the very top seat in a company doesn't always know every single detail there is to know about running a business. If a CEO needs to learn anything tech for their firm, IBM has a boot camp where they can learn whatever…

Google Reader drives more traffic to websites than Google Plus, according to BuzzFeed

A network of websites with more than 300 million users sees more traffic from Google's ill-fated RSS reader than from its fledgling social network, which the company claims has at least 100 million active users.

For Mac users who can’t escape Microsoft’s hold, OS X Boot Camp now supports Win 8

You can now install and boot into Windows 8 on your Mac, thanks to the newest update to Mac OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion. In addition, Apple implements bug fixes and a new iTunes gift card redemption feature.

Microsoft: Outlook and Hotmail outage is due to overheating data center

Microsoft's data center got so hot earlier this week, it knocked Outlook, Hotmail, and SkyDrive offline for 16 hours, this according to the Microsoft Windows Services vice president.
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Google+ may have ultimately killed Google Reader

The Reader will exist no more by July 1, but what's the real reason why Google is killing a product that's never made money in the first place? According to a former Google Reader manager, it might be because of Google+.

Microsoft issues fix to address Windows USB vulnerability

You can protect your computer from being infected by malware introduced via USBs by installing Microsoft's newest Windows update that contains a patch to fix your system's vulnerability.

iPads invade an Idaho elementary school, replace all textbooks

A school in Idaho recently became recipient to a program that equips students with iPads. The tablets, according to its teachers and principal, have bought an amazing positive change in their classrooms.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer has a new job, as a lawyer

Watson might soon be looking for digital evidence to be used in court, helping employees achieve their long-term career goals, and concocting the perfect treatment plan for a PTSD patient if the USC students who took part in IBM's…

German firm demos super-accurate gesture control technology

A new competitor in the gesture control space was introduced by a German firm, and if the company's claims are to be believed, it's a lot more accurate than other technologies you've previously heard of.

Google Now spotted in builds of Chrome browser for Windows and Chrome OS

Android's digital personal assistant, Google Now, might have a wider userbase in the future. The feature may make the leap from Android Jelly Bean devices into PCs and Chrome OS computers via the Chrome browser.