Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of Digital Trends' computing section.

Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday honored by Tim Cook on Twitter

Steve Jobs would have been 60 years old today if his life wasn't cut short by cancer. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, honored the memory of his predecessor on Twitter with one of Jobs' most memorable quotes.


Pixel problems: Living with a 5K monitor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (yet)

You can finally buy a 5K monitor, but is it worth the massive expense and hassle of setup? Well, yes and no. After living with one for weeks, we've found that the world may not quite be ready for all those pixels.


AMD’s Carrizo processors arrive this summer with revised core architecture, H.265 hardware decode

Perpetual underdog AMD has had a rough go of it as late, as Intel’s rapid development cycle and better production processor has helped it achieve world-leading performance and efficiency. Yet AMD hasn’t thrown in the towel; quite the opposite. Instead it…


Next Chromebook Pixel is on its way, will still target developers

A brief comment at Google's Team Work 2015 event revealed the existence of the Chromebook Pixel 2 which, like the original, will target Chrome OS developers with a its pixel-dense display.


Lenovo works with McAfee and Microsoft to net Superfish as lawsuits pile on

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Lenovo over Superfish, the factory installed adware that last week was discovered to be the source of a serious security flaw.


Updated: Purchased a Lenovo PC recently? It might have adware – and a critical HTTPS vulnerability

Security researchers have discovered that Lenovo PCs sold late last year shipped with adware called Superfish that can replace the HTTPS certificates normally used by websites, placing users vulnerable to malware.


Kids born today won’t know what a pixel is, and that’s a dream come true

The pixel is a cultural icon among geeks, but its days are numbered. Recent advances in display technology will make it an arcane term, known only to programmers and artists.


Wider is better: Dell's UltraSharp 34 is the best 21:9 monitor we've tested yet

Ultra-wide monitors have become a fad, but many of the sets are targeted at consumers with thick wallets rather than photographers or video editors. The Dell UltraSharp U3415W is…

  • Pros: Robust build quality , Ergonomic VESA stand , High contrast…
  • Cons: Modest color accuracy for the price , Some backlight bleed…

Is the GeForce GTX 960 an over-clocker’s dream? Test results say yes

Nvidia claimed the GTX 960 could be an over-clocker's dream when the card was released. Now a review site has tested 13 of the cards at once to find out exactly how large the claimed gains are in the real world.


Intel's NUC is a full-power PC the size of an Apple TV, and you'll want one

Want a computer the size of a Roku that can compete with a $1,000 laptop, and costs half as much? Last year we'd call you crazy, but Intel's NUC makes this dream a reality.

  • Pros: Extremely small , Core i5 processor offers solid performance…
  • Cons: Some assembly required , Priced near similar notebooks , Not…

DirectX 12 shows its muscle in early benchmarks

DirectX 12, the new "low-level" graphics API from Microsoft, promises big gains for any video card that supports it. Just how large the benefit might be was unclear - until now, thanks to just-revealed graphics testing from Anandtech.


Preparing for HEVC, the next great video codec

H.265/HEVC is a cutting-edge, high-efficiency video codec that's particularly useful for streaming 4K video. Here's how you can play back, and encode, HEVC on your PC.


Amazon, Google and Microsoft pay AdBlock Plus to bypass the plug-in

A report from The Financial Times has revealed some of the world's largest technology companies pay AdBlock Plus for automatic whitelisting which bypasses the plug-in's blocking function.


Razer’s Blade is sharper than ever, thanks to the GTX 970M

Razer's super-thin Blade gaming laptop has been updated with a GTX 970M and a quicker Intel 4th-generation quad-core boasting speeds as high as 3.6GHz.


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