Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of the @DigitalTrends computing section.

The Core i7-6700K restores faith in Intel processor overclocking

Intel’s new Core i7-6700K is a new architecture, and it’s unlocked so enthusiasts can increase its clock speed. The result is a processor that’s surprisingly easy to tune.

ComputerStick’s IndieGoGo is built on faked video and questionable claims

A recently posted IndieGoGo campaign for the ComputerStick seems to show an innovative and powerful mini-PC, but it's in fact just an Intel Compute Stick re-branded with deceptive marketing.

New QLC flash memory from Toshiba could push SSD capacity as high as 128TB

Toshiba has announced that it is working on a new form of flash memory that stores four bits of data per cell, which is a technology that could result in 128TB SSDs as early as 2020.

Leaked slides show Intel’s upcoming Skylake notebook chips

A set of leaked slides seem to show Intel's upcoming mobile CPU lineup. It predictably includes several dual-cores, most of which have Hyper-Threading. The chips will likely debut no later than September.

Samsung builds its own super-dense SSD chip to fight off SanDisk and Toshiba

In early August, SanDisk and Toshiba announced the world's first 256Gbit, 48-layer NAND chip for solid state drives. Now Samsung has its own version of the same, and the race is on to bring it to retail products.

Stagnant? Nah. PCs are improving faster than you thought

Today's software often doesn't need a powerful PC to run smoothly, but that doesn't mean progress is slowing. In fact, the home PC is quicker than ever, and easily puts every other consumer electronics device to shame.

Want to overclock your notebook CPU? Intel will let you by the end of the year

Enthusiasts love to unlock extreme performance from a CPU by overclocking it, but that path hasn't been an option for laptop owners in the past. Now, Intel plans to change that by releasing an unlocked "K" series mobile chip.

Stellaris, from Paradox, is the galactic strategy game you’ve always wanted on your PC 1:44

Epic sci-fi strategy is unique among PC gaming genres, but has become stagnant in recent years. Paradox hopes to stir the genre's still waters with Stellaris, an internally developed title that focuses on intergalactic politics.
Product Review

Intel Core i7-6700K (Skylake) Review

Intel's Skylake is the king of quads, but not the upgrade you waited for.

SanDisk and Toshiba announce world’s first 256GB, 48-layer NAND memory chip

SanDisk has announced a new 256 3D-NAND chip built in partnership with Toshiba, the first in the world built with 48 layers. It should appear in products sometime next year.

Intel vs. AMD: Which brand of CPU should you choose when building a PC?

When it comes to selecting a CPU for your PC, there's no shortage of chips for you to choose from. Here, we explain the basic differences between what AMD and Intel generally offer with their processors.

New video outlines IBM’s plan to switch from Windows to Mac

Jeff Smith, IBM's Chief Information Officer, has outlined a goal to switch up to 75 percent of IBM employees from Lenovo systems running Windows to Apple's MacBook.