Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of the @DigitalTrends computing section.
Product Review

Dell P2715Q Review

After a couple false starts, Dell just set the gold standard for 4K monitors.

Grab yourself a little something at Microsoft’s last-chance sale

The deals keep coming at the Microsoft Store, and while it's too late to order a last-minute holiday gift there's still time to buy yourself a special something at a deep discount.

Apple deploys automatic OS X security update for the first time

A severe flaw in the Network Time Protocol (NTP) that allows for remote code execution has forced Apple to push an automatic update of Mac OS X for the first time in the company's history.

North Korea’s Internet goes dark after Sony hack debacle

A weekend of network instability in North Korea has cumulated in a full-blown nationwide outage. The reason behind the sudden collapse is unknown, but an attack by outside forces is heavily suspected.

[Updated] Andromium transforms your Android into a pocketable desktop computer

Have you ever wished you could fit your entire PC into your pocket? A new Kickstarter project called Andromium promises just that, and its compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones (along with a few other Android devices).

This curved, ultra-wide Samsung monitor spans nearly 3 feet

Want a monitor that surrounds you in spectacular image quality? Samsung's newly announced SE790C might be what you need. This 21:9 giant provides almost three feet of horizontal screen real estate.

Breakthrough in RRAM technology could lead to hard drives the size of a postage stamp

Want a one terabyte drive that's as fast as an SSD and only the size of a postage stamp? Of course you do - and Crossbar, a technology startup founded in 2010, thinks it knows how to deliver just that.

Your say Friday: Has a corporate hack affected you?

Many corporations have fallen victim to hacks, leaking hundreds of millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information. Have any of these leaks directed affected your life?

[Updated] FBI confirms North Korea hacked Sony pictures, Obama pledges response

Speculation that North Korea was directly responsible for a cyber attack on Sony Pictures has now been confirmed by the FBI. President Obama is expected to address the issue during his end-of-year address later today.
Buying Guides

4K monitor holiday gift guide

4K monitors first hit the market ahead of last year’s holiday season, but the displays available then were crude, expensive and sold in limited quantities. They’ve matured considerably over the past year, and now numerous…

U.S. intelligence states North Korea was behind attack on Sony Pictures

Newly reported, off-the-record statements from U.S. intelligence claim North Korea was a key player in the attacks against Sony and suggest an official response may be forthcoming.

How to experience crystal-clear 4K on your old desktop PC for $600 or less

Crystal-clear 4K resolution may seem like an expensive pipe dream, but the most recent wave of graphics cards and monitors will allow you to experience it on your desktop for $600 or less.