Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of the @DigitalTrends computing section.

How we test desktops

Desktops have certainly been around the block, but that hasn’t made them easier to understand for the average consumer. We detail the ins and outs of how we test desktop computers during our product reviews.
Product Review

Acer Swift 7 Review

Like a seasoned marathoner, Acer's rail-thin Swift 7 can still go the distance.

Nintendo’s Switch is small, but it can slug it out with PS4 and Xbox One

Nintendo has unveiled its next console, Switch, in a new trailer. While the exact hardware specifications haven’t been released, we know enough to say how it’ll stack up against the Xbox One and PS4.

Close to the Metal Ep. 17: Can you really live with just one USB port? 34:10

Axing ports has become a trend in modern device design, including laptops. Some of the best new laptops have just one or two USB Type-C ports. Can you really get by with one port, and if so, how? We take a closer look.

Nvidia's new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti aim to put your aging desktop back in the game

After a series of leaks, the GTX 1050 and 1050 have been officially announced at budget-friendly price points. It is clear that Nvidia is taking aim at AMD's low-cost Radeon RX 460 and 470 video cards.
Product Review

WD Blue 1TB SSD Review

Western Digital’s first solid state drive is affordable, reliable, and a bit dull

Close to the Metal Ep. 16: WD Blue SSD live review, and how fast should your SSD be? 33:50

In this week's episode we discuss Western Digital's first solid state drive, then dive into the surprisingly deep and complex market for solid state drives.

HP makes the Envy name premium again with new laptops, all-in-one, monitor

HP has launched major update of four key products in its high-end Envy and Spectre line, just in time for the holiday buying season. The new systems look quick on paper, and the laptops boast huge batteries.
Virtual Reality

Looking for the Oculus Connect 3 keynote? You can watch it here

Oculus Connect 3 is the company's major annual conference. This year, we expect to see it announce official pricing and release details for the Oculus Touch controllers, but there might be surprises in store.
Product Review

Asus Zenbook 3 UX390UA Review

Asus’ Zenbook 3 beats Apple’s MacBook at its own game.

Close to the Metal Ep. 15: 7th-Gen Intel Core and holiday laptops 32:28

Intel's 7th-gen Core processors are now appearing in laptops available online and in stores. How important is it to get the latest tech, and should you skip on laptops with older hardware?
Game Review

‘World of Warcaft: Legion’ Review

Twelve years later, 'Legion' proves World of Warcraft is still the best MMORPG.