Mike Epstein

Mike Epstein

Michael is a New York-based tech and culture reporter, and a graduate of Northwestwern University’s Medill School of Journalism. His gaming, tech and entertainment coverage has appeared on Flavorwire, The Escapist, and Kotaku, among others. If Mike isn’t playing, watching, reading, or writing, he’s probably ... asleep.

Logitech G 'Prodigy' accessories are for PC players who don't buy gaming gear

Logitech G has unveiled the Prodigy series, a new line of inexpensive PC gaming peripherals meant to appeal to people who play video games on PC, but don't buy expensive peripherals to maximize their performance.

Why the first Apple Watch RPG isn’t worth your time

Cosmos Rings, an Apple Watch exclusive role-playing game from the makers of Final Fantasy, doesn’t play to the platform’s strengths.
Game Review

‘No Man’s Sky’ Review

'No Man's Sky' is too grand for its own good.

How ‘No Man’s Sky’ composes completely original music for every player

The musical variations of No Man's Sky's music is just as vast and varied as the game itself. Hello Games and 65daysofstatic explain how they made it.

Why you should wait to play ‘We Happy Few’

Everything about the early access version about We Happy Few suggests its going to be a fantastic, immersive experience, which is exactly why you should wait until it's done before playing it.
Game Review

Song of the Deep Review

GameStop should stick to selling games, because the one it made is a disaster.

These 10 games are so good, you’d never know they’re from Kickstarter

Though they may not have featured the massive size and scope of today's blockbuster titles, the polish and thoughtful design of these Kickstarter-funded games matched even the most well-funded projects.

‘Pokémon Go’ version 1.0.1 fixes that scary Google login security issue

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs has pushed the game's first update, version 1.0.1, on iOS which corrects the game's much-maligned security issue for players logging in with their Google accounts.

MercurySteam finally shows us what 'Raiders of the Broken Planet' looks like

MercurySteam, the developer of Konami's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games, presented a trailer and gameplay of its upcoming third-person shooter, 'Raiders of the Broken Planet.'

‘Pokémon Go’ will get trading, more customization in bi-weekly updates

In a pair of recent interviews, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke teased some of the company's plans to build out the mobile sensation's features, starting with one of the franchise's core components, Pokémon trading.

Space saga ‘Adrift’ makes its way to PlayStation 4 consoles next week

Adrift will launch on PlayStation 4 on July 15, creator Adam Orth announced on Twitter on Friday. The game follows astronaut Alex Oshima, who is jettisoned out into space after an accident on a space station.
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‘Tomb Raider’ reboot starring Alicia Vikander now has a 2018 release date

When the Tomb Raider reboot premieres, Alicia Vikander will be filling Lara Croft's boots, but it looks like that day isn't exactly coming soon. The film has been scheduled to hit theaters in 2018.