Mike Epstein

Mike Epstein

Michael is a New York-based tech and culture reporter, and a graduate of Northwestwern University’s Medill School of Journalism. His gaming, tech and entertainment coverage has appeared on Flavorwire, The Escapist, and Kotaku, among others. If Mike isn’t playing, watching, reading, or writing, he’s probably ... asleep.
Product Review

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review

You don't need a PS4 Pro, but when you see games in 4K, you'll want one.

One game console is better than the rest, and we're not afraid to say it

Both the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One have received updates over the last few months, but the improvements haven’t changed our verdict on the best gaming console.
Product Review

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Review

The NES Classic Edition is a $60 ticket back to your childhood.

All the PlayStation VR games we’ve played so far, ranked

With PlayStation VR launching very soon, we’ve started compiling impressions of the launch library as its first games become available. Here are our initial impressions thus far, including our take on 'SuperHyperCube' and other titles.

Just turn it on and play: Nintendo's NES Classic is a $60 time machine

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition emulation box is packed with simple retro gaming, no strings attached.
Product Review

PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation VR delivers a ‘full VR’ experience you can actually afford.

Come watch us play ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’ today on Twitch

Come watch us play some of the campaign from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered October 4 at 2 p.m. on Twitch. (Or right here!)
Product Review

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Review

Sony's slimmer PS4 doesn't merit upgrading, but it's still a PS4

Alienware’s new gaming laptops to start shipping by the end of September

This year's Alienware 15 and 17-inch gaming laptops pack a VR-capable PC into a portable package, one that's almost 25 percent thinner than the company's previous model.
Game Review

‘ReCore’ Review

‘ReCore’ may be the most disappointing game of 2016

Seeing 4K games on the PS4 Pro is like wearing glasses for the first time

It’s clear the PS4 Pro will be more powerful than its predecessor, but what does that mean for games? We spoke with developers at Sony’s PS4 Pro unveiling, and what we heard will give you plenty of reason for excitement.

The best Xbox One compatible Xbox 360 games

There are currently more than 230 Xbox 360 games that work on the Xbox One. However, these are the ones you should think about dusting off and going back to when your next-gen titles start to become tedious and the nostalgia kicks in.