Micah Abrams

Micah Abrams

Former Digital Trends Contributor

‘Jobs’ review

Ashton Kutcher's performance as Steve Jobs in the new biopic isn't as bad as Apple acolytes may have feared, but it's indicative of the film's overall failure to capture more than just a few threads of much more complex story.

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Basis B1 Review

The proliferation of fitness technology means we have more ways than ever to measure how active we are. Basis enters this fray with some unique technology, but does that change the…

  • Pros: Onboard heart monitor , Vast and varied data sets…
  • Cons: No iPhone app , App syncing issues , May not work for…

Samsung’s Galaxy still isn’t big enough to conquer Times Square

Despite an epic marketing budget, lathered up fanboys and some genuinely impressive hardware, the Galaxy S4 wasn’t quite the Times Square showstopper Samsung wanted it to be.


Online dating works great, you’re just doing it wrong

CNN's JP Mangalindan recently opined that the internet has "ruined dating ... forever." That seems like a bombastic claim, particularly when it appears that he's not doing it right in the first place.