Michael Rougeau

Michael Rougeau

Mike Rougeau is a freelance writer covering video games, technology and entertainment. His words have appeared in publications that include Kotaku, IFC, TechRadar, GamesRadar, Complex Magazine, G4, 1Up, and others. He loves Dark Souls and his dog. Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/roguecheddar.

Metrico review

Digital Dreams' Metrico is a puzzle-platformer that takes full advantage of the PS Vita's unique hardware, but does so without feeling gimmicky. It's short, but its challenge will…

  • Pros: Uses PS Vita's hardware strengths , Challenging and…
  • Cons: Some puzzles are too obtuse , Touchpad mechanics are finicky

Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King review

The first expansion to From Software's Dark Souls II wastes no time in reminding you of its pedigree. The DLC's new areas, with their menacing dragon and intricate layout, are a…

  • Pros: New areas are filled with difficult enemies , Level design…
  • Cons: Story remains shrouded , Somewhat anticlimactic

The Razer Junglecat iOS controller is perfectly portable, despite compromises

We wrap our paws around the Razer Junglecat, an iPhone controller/case combo that makes up for the lack of control flexibility with a sleek design.


Solving ‘the violence equation’ in Lichdom: Battlemage

Atlanta-based indie Xaviant shows off the latest build of its magic-focused first-person action-RPG, Lichdom: Battlemage.


EVE Online universe spans three games connected by immortal clone-jumpers

A broad overview of what's coming up for CCP Games' EVE Online universe, including how the Iceland-based team plans to link player accounts across three games.


Alienware Alpha launches this holiday with custom Windows 8.1, SteamOS coming later

Take a peek at the Alienware Alpha, a small form factor gaming PC that hits stores this fall, though it won't be a Steam Machine -- as previously promised -- at launch.


Dark Souls II review

Dark Souls II is more accessible to newcomers early on, but in truth, it's just a refined version of the series' uniquely challenging death march.

  • Pros: Lots of subtle changes keep things fresh while the game…
  • Cons: Enemies have finite respawns , Multiplayer remains…

A Dark Souls II starter guide: Trust us, you’ll need the help

Check out these Dark Souls II tips for an early edge in From Software's deliciously challenging action-RPG. You're still going to die an awful lot, but at least you'll be better prepared for it!


The original Plants vs. Zombies made millions. So why is the sequel free-to-play?

After selling over 300,000 copies in just nine days, PopCap decided to take a chance and change the formula for Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. We sat down with Senior Producer Bernard Yee to chat about the changes to the game, the benefits of going…


Rise of the Triad (2013) review

Rise of the Triad is an old school shooter with some modern enhancements and some archaic snags. Its rough but fun twitch shooting is marred by unbearable platforming sections. Is…

  • Pros: Fast-paced old school gameplay , Tons of fan service , All…
  • Cons: Lots of glitches and bugs , Insufficient arsenal , Horrible…

A look at all the upcoming eSports competitions for 2013

In 2013 eSports reached new heights of popularity, especially the tournaments held this year, which were streamed to millions of people around the world. We list all the remaining eSports competitions for the rest of the year.


The rise, and completely predictable fall of game developer Phil Fish

Independent game developer Phil Fish, the man behind 'Fez,' has announced that is quitting the gaming industry and cancelling 'Fez II' following a Twitter argument with a gaming journalist. And we really should have all seen it coming.


In spite of criticisms, Twitch dreams of eSports expansion

We spoke with Twitch Vice President of Marketing Matthew Dipietro about how it intends to address the recent criticism leveled at the streaming service by its partner, Major League Gaming.


YouTube creator Freddie Wong talks season 2 of ‘VGHS,’ and how to scare Hollywood

We speak with Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold, two of the creators of the web series 'Video Game High School' as it debuts its second season, and what the success of web-based shows mean for entertainment.


Making competitive gaming fair: MLG’s President talks about creating a balance

Major League Gaming wants to become more ESPN and less NFL by making sure games are eSports-ready out of the box. We speak with MLG President Mike Sepso about the future of eSports.