Mike Flacy

Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!
Social Media

Time Inc. purchases Myspace, may use it for content distribution

Part of a deal to acquire a company with a strong advertising network, Time Inc. is now the owner of the Myspace social network. The media company could end up using the network to distribute news stories.
Movies & TV

Sonic the Hedgehog movie hits theaters in 2018, mixes live-action and animation

Perhaps delighting anyone that grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis in the late nineties, Sony Pictures and Sega are developing a hybrid live-action, animation Sonic movie for a 2018 release.

Intel closes loophole that allowed overclocking of non-K processors

Shutting down a popular loophole that allowed PC builders to overclock non-K processors, Intel's microcode update will ultimately push users back to more expensive processors as well as add-on protection plans.
Social Media

Private gun sales are now banned on Facebook, Instagram

Pushing back against anyone that was selling firearms on Facebook without a background check, representatives of the social network are now prohibiting the sale of guns through either Facebook or Instagram.
Movies & TV

House of Cards renewed for fifth season, but loses showrunner

Likely good news for anyone that's a fan of Netflix's House of Cards, the suspenseful political drama has been renewed for an additional season and will return to the streaming service during 2017.

Detroit man crashes car, dies while watching porn on phone

Setting the bar for what not to do while driving your car, the life of a Michigan man ended after he decided to speed down the highway while also attempting to enjoy pornography on his smartphone.
Social Media

Instagram is rapidly increasing the number of ads users see

Risking negative feedback and lower interaction rates from core users, Facebook has opened up the spigot for serving ads on Instagram. Many of these ads are video clips rather than traditional banner ads.
Cool Tech

Carolina Panthers ban hoverboards due to “drag racing” among players

Likely an attempt to keep players healthy during the postseason, the Carolina Panthers head coach thought it would be a good idea to keep his team off hoverboards instead of drag racing in the halls.

Goodbye snooze button? This alarm clock mat forces you to stand

Ideal for anyone that smashes the snooze button habitually each morning, the Ruggie is a new type of alarm clock that will make you plant your two feet firmly on the ground in order to shut off the alarm.
Movies & TV

Write a short essay to win this movie theater in Maine

Have you always dreamed about owning your own movie theater? For a small entry fee and a short 250-word essay, you can make that dream come true and win a two-screen theater in Houlton, Maine.
Social Media

Man posts Facebook video of himself drinking while driving, gets arrested

Unintentionally harnessing the power of social media to his detriment, an Ohio man thought it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to post a Facebook video of himself drinking alcohol while driving.
Movies & TV

These socks will actually pause Netflix if you fall asleep 0:48

Looking for your next DIY project? Check out the Netflix Socks, an Arduino-powered design that will automatically pause your Netflix show if you happen to fall asleep in front of the television.