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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

Texting while walking strikes again, girl gets leg stuck in storm drain

Definitely an embarrassing way to spend an hour of your time, a young Chinese girl slipped into a storm grate while her undivided attention was solely focused on texting her friends instead of walking.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs arrested for assault on UCLA campus

Arrested for allegedly assaulting an assistant coach on the UCLA football team with a kettlebell weight, Sean 'Diddy' Combs was taken into police custody on Monday following the incident on his son's college campus.

Charleston shooter’s manifesto, photos found via WHOIS search

Allegedly uploading a lengthy, racist rant about his decision to commit murder, a deep Web search has uncovered Dylann Roof's manifesto as well as a number of selfies taken to showcase the confederate flag.

President Obama will appear on Marc Maron’s Web podcast “WTF”

Taking place in a crowded garage on Friday morning, the President of the United States will be recording a lengthy interview with comedian Marc Maron for a podcast that's called WTF.
Home Theater

Fox’s first four UHD titles will include HDR mastering

Launching with recent films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Maze Runner, Fox is jumping out early to announce support for the Ultra HD format before other studios get into the mix.
Movies & TV

Orange is the New Black Season 3 is now “out on early release”

Definitely great news for anyone that's a big fan of the popular women's prison drama, Netflix thought it would be a great idea to debut the new season of Orange is the New Black six hours early.
Social Media

Two men arrested for sending threatening emoji over Facebook

Definitely a idiotic way to land a potential five year prison sentence, two men in South Carolina were arrested this month on stalking charges for threatening another man using emoji.

Woman barred from using smartphone for two years after fatal accident

Adding an unusual tweak to a sentence related to a tragic, distracted driving accident, a Michigan judge has banned a 23-year-old woman from owning or operating a mobile device for a period of two years.
Social Media

Facebook adds visual maps to Messenger for location sharing

Perhaps ideal for anyone that uses Facebook Messenger to constantly communicate with friends, a new feature lets users send a map of their location or a target location to a friend within a conversation.

Man receives $120 ticket for using Apple Watch while driving

It was just a matter of time before someone would be pulled over for using a smartwatch while driving. A young Canadian man just got a hefty ticket for using his Apple Watch while operating a vehicle.

Firefox will scan your browsing history to suggest advertiser sites

Possibly a feature that you will want to flip off if privacy is important to you, Mozilla is working with advertisers to suggest sponsored sites that are related to your Web browsing history.

Walmart preps $50-a-year shipping service to take on Amazon Prime

Possibly ideal for anyone that regularly shops on Walmart.com, the retail giant will be launching a competing service to Amazon Prime later this year that will provide three day shipping on most orders.