Mike Flacy

Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

LifeBEAM SMART bike helmet monitors your heart rate

Ideal for cyclists that go on extended bike rides that covered many miles, the LifeBEAM SMART bike helmet allows riders to ditch heart rate chest straps since all the technology to monitor heart rate is built into the helmet.
Social Media

Man ignoring child support payments busted due to Facebook photo

Basically providing the authorities with all the evidence needed for prosecution, a Wisconsin man that was skipping all child support payments thought it would be a great idea to publish several pictures of himself on Facebook holiding…
Home Theater

Set-top showdown: Apple TV vs. Roku 3 vs. Boxee Box vs. WD TV Play vs. Google TV

Trying to figure out which set-top box to buy in order to kick off a cord-cutting lifestyle? Check out our 2013 breakdown of the five most popular streaming set-top box platforms:

Canadian man tries to sell his home for Bitcoins

Looking to cash in on the virtual currency craze known as Bitcoins, a man living in Alberta, Canada has put his home up for sale and is looking for payment in the form of Bitcoins to compete the transaction.

Barnes & Noble giving away Nook e-readers with tablet purchase

Potentially ideal for anyone that's in the market for a new tablet, Barnes & Noble is prepping a promotion that will bundle a Nook e-reader device with the Nook HD line of tablets.
Cool Tech

NYC rolling out touchscreen displays in subways for directions, schedules

Ideal for NYC residents and tourists looking for the fastest way to reach another part of the city using the subway, the MTA will be installing touchscreen displays at select stations later this year.
Home Theater

More than a third of all recorded DVR content is never viewed

While the DVR has significantly increased the convenience of catching your favorite television shows and movies, a new study indicates that a large chunk of recorded content simply never gets watched.

Report: ABC working on mobile app for streaming live programming

Currently being developed by ABC, the network is working on the creation of a mobile application that will allow subscribers to catch programming live without having to be in front of the television.

The Washington Post will roll out a paywall this summer

Looking for a new way to generate online revenue beyond traditional digital advertising, the Washington Post is finally taking steps to create and launch an online paywall later this year.
Cool Tech

Walgreens is building a completely self-powered store

Potentially feeding more power back into the grid that it will consume, the flagship Walgreens net zero store will utilize solar power, wind power and geothermal energy for complete self-sufficiency.

ORIGOSafe disables the car to stop people from texting while driving

Offering a high-tech way of ensuring that a teenager won't be typing text messages while driving, the ORIGOSafe has to be activated by plugging in a smartphone prior to starting up the vehicle.
Home Theater

Redbox Instant officially opens to the public today after closed beta

Rolling out a new streaming video service up against competitors like Netflix, Redbox and Verizon have lifted the veil off the closed beta of Redbox Instant and are accepting new subscribers.