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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

Report: Kindle Fire 2 could be unveiled at the end of July

As the current Kindle Fire struggles to compete against Apple's iPad, Amazon may be prepping a new version of the tablet for release as early as next month.

Cool Tech

Tennessee hopes to cut down DMV wait time with iPad kiosks

Ideally designed to cut back on standing in huge lines waiting for a number to be called at the DMV, Tennessee is using Apple technology to get people out the door faster.


Facebook users scour the social network for owner of lost Nikon camera

Harnessing the power of the viral phenomenon on social networks, a good Samaritan is using Facebook to help return a camera full of memories to the owner that lost it.


DirecTV scales back 3D content due to lack of demand

As 3D technology continues to struggle to attract consumers, DirecTV is slashing the budget for production of content on the 24-hour n3D channel.

Home Theater

Many Kindle, Nook owners are clueless about borrowing library e-books

As Amazon and Barnes & Noble continue to promote the use of e-readers among customers, libraries haven't quite been able to get the word out about free e-book borrowing.

Cool Tech

Foxconn CEO claims iPhone 5 will “shame” Samsung Galaxy S III

With the launch of the iPhone 5 likely just a few months away, the head honcho at Foxconn spent some time this week praising the new Apple smartphone and putting down rivals.

Android Army

New state law requires sex offenders to list convictions on Facebook

Cracking down on the online activity of convicted sex offenders after they are released, a new law requires a larger amount of disclosure on social networks.

Social Media

Embrace laziness with Snooze for the iPhone

Ideal for anyone that desperately wants to stay curled up in bed in the morning, a new iPhone dock will help you banish an alarm with one slap.


4G adoption is rapidly increasing with young consumers

As more consumers slowly start to understand the difference in speed between 3G and 4G devices, the youngest generation is driving the transition to the faster data network.


Networked light bulb can be controlled with a smartphone

Ideal for anyone that's too lazy to get out of bed to turn off the light, a company in Irvine, California has developed a light bulb that can be turned off with a smartphone.

Cool Tech

Facebook now lets users edit mistakes in old comments

Ideal for anyone that could use a spell check or auto-correct tool on Facebook, the social network is lifting the restrictions on editing all types of comments.

Social Media

Twitter-activated vending machine offers iced tea for tweets

Perhaps the first of many machines and devices that will be activated by a single tweet, a South African company has created a machine that trades delicious drinks for promotion on Twitter.

Cool Tech

Twitter adds an option to remove replies from the tweet stream

Designed to help hide endless chatter between Twitter users, the social network is pushing out a new feature to remove the Twitter reply from view.

Social Media

PayPal catches up to this decade with a sleek site redesign

Likely an attempt to become more competitive with alternate payment solutions like Square, PayPal has drastically shifted site design and general layout.


Nearly a third of U.S. Internet users already own a tablet

As Microsoft preps the Surface tablets in hopes to spur interest in Windows 8, is it possible that the tech giant is already too late to the tablet party?

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