Mike Flacy

Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!
Cool Tech

Paintbot uses Twitter hashtags to trigger paintball firing

Combining the act of posting a tweet with popping off a few colorful paintball pellets, the Paintbot is an interesting combination of the open-source Arduino platform and Twitter hashtags.

Meet Bartendro, a cocktail-mixing robot powered by Raspberry Pi

Definitely a high-tech way to allow guests to order drinks at your next big party, the Bartendro can automatically deliver a large variety of mixed drinks without having to lift a single bottle.
Android Army

Google rolls out improved Chrome app for Android, iOS

Now available as an update for Android and Apple smartphones, the new versions of Google Chrome for mobile devices offer a variety of useful improvements that go beyond traditional bug fixes.

5-year-old boy spends over $2500 in 10 minutes on in-app purchases

Serving as a cautionary tale for parents that don't spend time setting up parental controls on a mobile device, a young boy in England racked up major charges while purchasing in-app items
Cool Tech

Fujitsu walking cane can lead people to the right location using GPS

Definitely an interesting way to stay on the right path when taking a walk, Fujitsu has created a walking cane that utilizes a variety of modern technology for GPS tracking and health monitoring.

Coinstar now offers deposits directly into a PayPal account

Ideal for turning that giant jar of change you've been collecting all year into funds for online payments, Coinstar is gradually rolling out new machines that interact with PayPal accounts.

New Jersey lawmakers move to legalize online gambling

In a move that will significantly increase tax revenue from casinos within the state of New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie and other lawmakers have legalized online gambling for residents.

Outbox takes all your snail mail and converts it to a digital format

Definitely an interesting way to avoid digging through endless piles of junk mail in the mailbox, Outbox will provide digital scans of all your snail mail for a small fee each month.
Cool Tech

Using seven cameras, ‘Helmet of Justice’ is a black box for cyclists

Definitely useful to have when attempting to track down and arrest a hit-and-run driver, the 'Helmet of Justice' starts recording video from all angles the moment that an accident happens.
Home Theater

Best Smart TV platforms for cord cutters

As more television manufacturers are continuing to improve on existing Smart TV software and hardware, it's never been a better time to ditch pay TV and adopt a cord cutting lifestyle.
Home Theater

Nielsen TV ratings will finally start to include cord cutters

Definitely helpful to television networks when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of online advertising, Nielsen will start incorporating streaming video use into the organization's rating system.
Social Media

Police inform mother of son’s death over Facebook, message unseen in Other inbox

Definitely an inappropriate way to deliver serious news, police in Georgia used a fake Facebook profile to send a message about the death of a local man to immediate family members.