Mike Flacy

Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

PayPal catches up to this decade with a sleek site redesign

Likely an attempt to become more competitive with alternate payment solutions like Square, PayPal has drastically shifted site design and general layout.


Nearly a third of U.S. Internet users already own a tablet

As Microsoft preps the Surface tablets in hopes to spur interest in Windows 8, is it possible that the tech giant is already too late to the tablet party?

Android Army

Sharp unveils the enormous 90-inch AQUOS LED

Expanding both the size and price of the largest HDTV in the AQUOS line, Sharp's new 90-inch television is likely out of reach for the majority of American consumers.

Home Theater

Smart ATM uses QR codes instead of cards to dispense cash

Specifically designed to help improve on the convenience of withdrawing money from a bank, you may be able to use your smartphone at the ATM soon to speed up the transaction.

Cool Tech

Six-foot, half-ton robot will protect your wine and terrify tipsy guests

Quite possibly the most unique wine rack that has ever been created, a man in the Southwest has created the ultimate fusion of robotic design and alcoholic beverages.


Google launches YouTube viewing parties on Google+ Hangouts

Likely an attempt to encourage more people to join the Google+ social network, the YouTube development team has launched a new social video feature in Google+ Hangouts.

Social Media

Amazon beefs up Prime Instant Video catalog with MGM, Paramount films

As Amazon looks for more ways to convince customers to sign up for Amazon Prime, the retailer just added a bevy of popular movies and television shows to Prime Instant Video.

Home Theater

Facebook reacts to Airtime by adding Call button on Timeline

Likely an attempt to bring more attention to the Skype-powered video calling feature, Facebook hopes more video chats will be initiated from the Timeline page.

Social Media

SeatBuddy connects like-minded airline passengers for happier flights

Designed to group similar customers together on an airplane, a Latvian airline will let you avoid the endless chatter of other passengers for a quiet flight.

Social Media

Tech retailer launches world’s first “Internet Explorer 7 Tax”

Partly an attempt to educate consumers on the importance of upgrading Web browsers, a retailer in Australia is adding an extra fee for customers using IE7.


iPhone 4 owners will be forced to upgrade to get Apple’s turn-by-turn directions

Likely coming as a disappointment to millions of iPhone 4 owners in the United States, Apple won't be enabling all the features of iOS6 on smartphones older than the iPhone 4S.


Bosch robotic lawn mower cuts the grass while you relax

Developing a more intelligent and efficient way of mowing the front lawn, Bosch wants you to put your feet up while a small, green robot does all the work.

Cool Tech

DirecTV considers rolling out commercial skipping technology

Looking carefully at consumer demand of ad-skipping technology, DirecTV management may offer the service to customers in the near future.

Home Theater

Nest learning thermostat rapidly expands into Apple, Amazon, Lowes

As more consumers look for ways to save money on expensive utilities each month, Nest is helping consumers find its learning thermostat in more retail locations.

Cool Tech

Pirated episodes of Game of Thrones nearly overshadow average U.S. viewership

While many cord cutters would love the ability to subscribe to HBO outside of cable providers, piracy still remains a popular option to snag HBO's most notable shows.

Home Theater