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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

Solar ‘KudoCase’ offers up to ten days of free power for the iPad

Designed to help iPad users avoid having to search for an electrical outlet, a company has developed a case that charges the iPad through solar energy.


Teenage girl posts picture of cash on Facebook, family robbed within hours

Quickly attracting unwanted attention from criminals, a teenager in Australia failed to use her common sense when posting a photo on Facebook.

Social Media

Speedy robotic lifeguards may save more lives this summer

Designed to save distressed swimmers along busy beaches, an Arizona-based company has developed a robotic buoy that travels much faster than a typical lifeguard.

Cool Tech

Yahoo launches Axis, a visually stunning “search browser”

In an attempt to connect with how a typical user visually remembers a site, Yahoo has created a Web browser that displays images rather than text for search results.


Google Glasses may translate directional sound, speech for the deaf

As Google engineers continue to push forward on the development of Project Glass, features included within a recent patent may greatly benefit the hearing-impaired community.

Cool Tech

Verizon’s ‘Viewdini’ combines Netflix, Hulu and other video services into one app

As wireless providers look for ways to encourage customers to consume more data over 4G, Verizon is launching a first party application that aggregates video from several services.


New York airports are installing virtual avatars to help visitors

Designed to catch the attention of passing airport visitors, the Port Authority is investing in virtual assistants that are very similar to holograms.

Cool Tech

3D simply isn’t motivating consumers to buy new televisions

As consumers in the U.S. are debating over several features when buying a new television, 3D technology is receiving a somewhat tepid response from TV shoppers.

Home Theater

Google injects more Google+ features into Gmail

As Google continues to integrate more Google+ features within various products, Gmail users now have access to a wider range of social information in the Web version of the email interface.

Social Media

Facebook tweaks notifications to help you silence annoying applications, updates

In order to help users control the flow of information into their accounts, Facebook has launched some helpful changes to the user interface in regards to notification management.

Social Media

Time Warner Cable customers finally get access to HBO GO

As consumers look to providers that offer more freedom in how to access premium content, Time Warner Cable rolled out support for streaming access to the popular HBO network.

Home Theater

Microsoft restarts the ‘Buy a PC, get an Xbox’ program for students

As many graduating high school students across the United States begin preparing to enter college in the fall, Microsoft is bringing back a popular promotion from last year to encourage more PC sales.


Pipe brings untraceable 1GB file sharing to Facebook friends

With the potential to catch the attention of the MPAA and RIAA, a small start-up is on the cusp of launching a private file sharing application that will be available to nearly one billion Facebook users.

Social Media

Netflix members that cancelled post price hike are slowly returning

After earning a spot on 24/7 Wall Street's top ten most hated companies of 2011, Netflix appears to be winning back some of the consumers that cancelled their subscription last year.

Home Theater

Man proposes to girlfriend through Pandora audio advertisement

Likely one of the more unique marriage proposals of 2012, a college graduate popped the question to his girlfriend with the help of Pandora employees.