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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

Philips creates computer monitor that corrects posture, encourages breaks

Since people are spending more hours in front of computer monitors each year, Philips has developed a new technology designed to encourage healthy behavior while staring at the screen.


Movie theaters turn pre-show trivia into smartphone game with prizes

While movie theaters always encourage moviegoers to turn off mobile phones prior to a film, one company is encouraging users to keep those phones out during the pre-show experience.


Instagram massively popular on Android, adds one million users in just 12 hours

While iPhone users have been enjoying the photography application called Instagram for the last eighteen months, Android users finally got to check out the app this week and they seem to love it.

Android Army

Verizon forcing landlines on “new” DSL subscribers starting May 2012

In an arguably archaic move that may push existing DSL subscribers to other services like cable, Verizon plans to bundle landlines with high speed Internet service in the near future.


Google adds 3D option to 1080p YouTube videos

As 3D video slowly continues to seep into consumer's lives both on television and the Web, Google is pushing out a new 3D feature for users that upload high definition video.

Home Theater

‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ includes USB ports, an electrical outlet and LED lighting

As consumers continue to rapidly increase their dependence on technology, Nissan is showing off out a redesigned version of the taxi that offers the ability to charge devices during a cab ride.


“Batman” arrested after posting April Fool’s joke on Facebook

While many Facebook users altered their relationship status as a common April Fools Day gag, a Facebook status update prank backfired on a Batman fan and landed him trouble with local authorities.

Movies & TV

Amazon adds Instant Video to the PlayStation 3

While Amazon continues to attract new Prime subscribers with the addition of more content available on Instant Video, the online retailer is partnering with Sony to bring more video content to the PS3.


Teacher’s aide fired for refusing to share Facebook access with employer

While a handful of state governments are starting to take a closer look at the privacy of employee social network accounts, a Michigan woman was let go after refusing to provide access to her personal Facebook account.

Social Media

Spotify extends free, unlimited listening period in the United States

As more people in the United States discover Spotify through Facebook and other sources, the music subscription company is extending the free service for all early adopters.


Google Maps adds real-time traffic conditions to directions

Taking advantage of data that can be provided by millions of Android-powered smartphones, Google re-launched traffic estimations using more accurate real-time data.


Chapel Hill, N.C. becomes first city in U.S. to ban all mobile phone use while driving

With more car accidents being attributed to the distraction of incoming calls or text messages, a North Carolina town has just voted to ban all mobile phone use when behind the wheel.


Irresponsible celebrities cause havoc through Twitter

As popular celebrities gain millions upon millions of followers on Twitter, the cost of a purposeful prank or accidental mistake on that digital medium of communication can lead to litigation.

Social Media

Google’s self-driving car takes blind man to Taco Bell

Satisfied with the progress made on development of the computer-controlled, self-driving car, Google offered up a preview of the technology to a blind resident of California.


Kindle Fire update offers in-book sharing, document storage, DRM fix

While Amazon continues to remain quiet about any new Kindle-branded tablets, the retail giant just launched a firmware update for the Kindle Fire that offers a variety of improvements.

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