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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

Amazon adds Instant Video to the PlayStation 3

While Amazon continues to attract new Prime subscribers with the addition of more content available on Instant Video, the online retailer is partnering with Sony to bring more video content to the PS3.


Teacher’s aide fired for refusing to share Facebook access with employer

While a handful of state governments are starting to take a closer look at the privacy of employee social network accounts, a Michigan woman was let go after refusing to provide access to her personal Facebook account.

Social Media

Spotify extends free, unlimited listening period in the United States

As more people in the United States discover Spotify through Facebook and other sources, the music subscription company is extending the free service for all early adopters.


Google Maps adds real-time traffic conditions to directions

Taking advantage of data that can be provided by millions of Android-powered smartphones, Google re-launched traffic estimations using more accurate real-time data.


Chapel Hill, N.C. becomes first city in U.S. to ban all mobile phone use while driving

With more car accidents being attributed to the distraction of incoming calls or text messages, a North Carolina town has just voted to ban all mobile phone use when behind the wheel.


Irresponsible celebrities cause havoc through Twitter

As popular celebrities gain millions upon millions of followers on Twitter, the cost of a purposeful prank or accidental mistake on that digital medium of communication can lead to litigation.

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Google’s self-driving car takes blind man to Taco Bell

Satisfied with the progress made on development of the computer-controlled, self-driving car, Google offered up a preview of the technology to a blind resident of California.


Kindle Fire update offers in-book sharing, document storage, DRM fix

While Amazon continues to remain quiet about any new Kindle-branded tablets, the retail giant just launched a firmware update for the Kindle Fire that offers a variety of improvements.

Android Army

Refrigerator magnet lets you order pizza with a single push of a button

Designed to appeal to consumers that are looking for speed and efficiency when ordering food, a pizza joint has created a one-step process to getting a pizza delivered to the front door.

Cool Tech

Shaving company kickstarts business with hilarious viral video

Offering up an alternative to expansive razor blade replacement cartridges, a Web start-up is using the power of the Internet to virally spread the word about low-cost shaving gear.


High school student uses Twitter to land porn star prom date, school objects

As more teenagers are turning to social media to converse with celebrities and other popular figures, one Minnesota teen utilized Twitter to snag a date with a girl in the adult entertainment industry.

Social Media

Netflix: 1080p streaming on the new iPad is ‘on our roadmap’

As more consumers are using tablets to watch movies and television shows, Netflix is looking into upgrading its iPad application to offer high-resolution streaming video to subscribers.


Feds sue AT&T over $16 million collected from fraudulent charges

After AT&T's attempt to merge with T-Mobile quickly fell apart due to pressure from the federal government last year, the telecommunications company is in hot water with the Justice Department yet again due to alleged abuse of a service for the hearing…


Toronto design agency renders stunning concept of the “BlackBerry Blade”

While many BlackBerry fanatics are anxiously awaiting upcoming smartphone models that use the BlackBerry 10 UI, a design firm threw some fuel on the fire with a concept of a future Blackberry smartphone.


Facebook launches full-screen, high-resolution photo viewer

As visual social networks like Pinterest rapidly become more popular among photographers, Facebook is attempting to keep up with another revision to the photo viewer.