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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

World’s first “Super Wi-Fi” commercial network launches in North Carolina

While the debate over white space spectrum continues to go back and forth between Internet companies and broadcasters, one town in North Carolina is pushing forward with Wi-Fi service in public parks.


Valve ventures into mobile with Steam on iOS and Android

After reporting another record year in sales on the Steam platform, Valve is rolling out mobile support for Steam users in order to entice more purchases during the platform's popular sales.

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How next-generation consoles may eliminate the used gaming market

While internal teams at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all hard at work designing and revising new console hardware, at least one next-generation console manufacturer may implement a way to kill used game sales faster than digital downloads.


Foxconn employee points to summer 2012 launch for next iPhone

While Apple certainly does its best to contain all information about upcoming product releases, an employee of the iPhone manufacturing plant Foxconn is being a bit more forthcoming with information.


How Boxee may accelerate cord cutting with the social Live TV tuner

While many Americans continue to pay high content costs for access to cable or satellite programming, Boxee is rolling out a Live TV solution for current and future Boxee Box owners.

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What Google’s privacy changes will mean for you

While Google is currently dealing with disgruntled investors over not meeting projected fourth-quarter profits, the search giant is rolling out a revision to privacy policies that may concern consumers.


Tablet ownership nearly doubles in January

Since millions of Americans became new tablet owners after unwrapping gifts during the holidays last month, tablet ownership has skyrocketed in just a few weeks.


Underwater photographer pushes off 12-foot shark with camera

Underwater photography definitely offers an amazing opportunity to capture unique images of sea life. One photographer got to experience an encounter with a tiger shark recently and captured images of the event.


Students create world’s largest video game controller

While popular console modders like Ben Heckendorn are always looking for ways to make current gaming systems portable, a team of students in the Netherlands went in the opposite direction.


Study: Why Facebook is making people sad

As Facebook becomes a more powerful influence in our digital lives, researchers are looking into how the social network changes our perception of the lives of friends and family members.

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Megaupload owner found hiding in safe room with sawed-off shotgun

Following the shutdown of Megaupload, the bizarre account of the arrest of Megaupload's founder, Kim Dotcom, seems similar to a Hollywood-style action movie.


TiVo updates HD user interface, adds multi-room streaming

While many people have turned to DVR alternatives like Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming services on set-top boxes and game consoles, TiVo is releasing a new update for subscribers to remain competitive with consumers.

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While MPAA watches SOPA crumble, digital rentals rise as physical rentals decline

As more consumers turn to streaming video rentals on services like Amazon Prime, Vudu and iTunes, physical disc rentals are falling and leaving movie studios wondering how to best distribute films.

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Foxconn chairman equates iPhone-creating workforce to animals

While Americans continue to purchase new iPhones and iPads in droves, Apple continues to face questions about working conditions in China due to comments from senior management of the Foxconn facility.


Facebook users can share more activities with friends via 60 new apps

With more users turning to Facebook to find out what their friends are currently up to, the social network is making it simpler to share actions and get friends to join in.

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