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Molly McHugh

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Before coming to Digital Trends, Molly worked as a freelance writer, occasional photographer, and general technical lackey. She's a sucker for animated GIF blogs, hours-long Wikipedia hunts, road trips, YouTube binges, and the Portland Trail Blazers. Molly is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications (go Ducks). You can find her on Twitter (@iammollymchugh) and Instagram (@mollygrams).

Next round of iPad 2 releases spurn India

Apple has no current plans to release the iPad 2 in India, and consumers aren't happy about it.

Nokia making a tablet without Microsoft?

When it comes to smartphones, Nokia is committed to Microsoft. But on other devices, like tablets? Apparently only time will tell.

Burma bans Skype, severing global communication

Burma restricts communications even more, and in a country where a cell phone is a luxury, this means reaching out to the world is nearly impossible.
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Senators ask Apple to pull DUI-evasion apps

Apple faces criticism for items in its App Store yet again, but this time, its apps that aid drunk drivers that are catching attention.

Will we see the Xbox 720 in 2015?

A designer's portfolio samples hint at what might be the successor to the Xbox 360, but what else can we we expect from the so-called Xbox 720?

Vodafone starts pre-orders for Xperia Play

We will have to wait a little longer, but Vodafone is offering up the first glimpse of a for-sale Xperia Play.

Amazon cuts e-book sharer, Lendle; UPDATE: Lendle is back

The application allowing Kindle users to share their books has been pulled, and even Lendle doesn't know why.

NPD: Consumers flock to supersized smartphones

Remember the Razr? Yeah, we barely do either - and there's a reason. Consumers wants big screens on their smartphones.
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Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over patent infringement

Microsoft finds more fault with an Android device: The company will take Barnes & Noble, Foxconn, and Inventec to court for infringing on its technology with the Nook.

4G BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Sprint this summer

The first officially publicized release date for the PlayBook is here, and Sprint will be adding the 4G tablet to its lineup this summer.

Zynga RewardVille will deepen social gaming addictions

There's a new "ville" to add to the Zynga family. RewardVille will connect the developer's various social games and give players more incentives.
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Happy fifth, Twitter! A look back at noteworthy tweets

How time flies. In recognition of Twitter's fifth birthday, we're looking at five hilarious and amazing the site has brought to us over the last few years.