Molly McHugh

Molly McHugh

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Before coming to Digital Trends, Molly worked as a freelance writer, occasional photographer, and general technical lackey. She's a sucker for animated GIF blogs, hours-long Wikipedia hunts, road trips, YouTube binges, and the Portland Trail Blazers. Molly is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications (go Ducks). You can find her on Twitter (@iammollymchugh) and Instagram (@mollygrams).
Android Army

Nokia tempts developers with free E7 and WP7 phones

Nokia's developers won't be empty-handed: The manufacturer is outfitting them with the E7 and news Windows Phone 7 models in exchange for their work on the platform.

Apple patents reveal better battery life, ‘smart bezel’ in the works

The iOS speculation continues! New patents from Apple make it look like future products could include a sensor-enabled bezel, and better battery life.

The Social Network epilogue: Where Facebook founders are now

Wondering what happened to the brilliant minds who made Facebook a success? Here's where Facebook's co-founders and earliest employees are now, and the projects they're leading into the future.

House votes to block net neutrality bill

In what's becoming an increasingly partisan issue, the US House of Representatives has struck down the FCC's net neutrality proposal.
Movies & TV

Rumor: Google will shell out $100 million to enlist celebrities on YouTube

As it turns out, advertisers won't pay much for space next to endless videos of cats. In a new campaign, YouTube is rumored to be seeking out celebrities for a new channel it hopes will pull down some serious ad dollars.
Social Media

Facebook adds civil union and domestic partnership options

Facebook has expanded its Relationship Status bar to include civil unions and domestic partnerships, in response to user requests.
Social Media

Libya inspired by Egyptian revolution, uses social media in midst of protests

Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet itself continue to mold the new face of revolution in the Middle East, as Libya begins it's own Web-assisted protests.

NTIA National Broadband Map reveals Internet deserts, oases in US

As the US continues to increase Americans' access to broadband Internet, it has revealed an in-depth look at the state of our Internet access today.
Android Army

Google may debut new music service with Honeycomb

The iTunes shackles may be loosened, as Google could potentially be introducing its own music service with Honeycomb at the end of February.
Android Army

Leaked Dell road maps show next-gen smartphones, tablets on the horizon

Some allegedly reliable sources have leaked internal Dell documents laying out plans for its coming smartphone and tablet products.

Rumor: Sony developing a PlayStation tablet dubbed the S1

PlayStation phone who? The S1 marks Sony's first foray into the tablet wars and could be here as early as September.
Social Media

Advertising memo leaked: Twitter wants to bring in $100M off ads this year

In a leaked 40-minute tutorial, Twitter pitches its new ad scheme and assures potential clients that users will get used to it, part of its plan to rake in $100 million off ad revenue this year.