Nick Mokey

Nick Mokey

Nick Mokey is a magazine journalism graduate from Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, located in Syracuse, New York. Prior to writing for Digital Trends, he was a columnist and later head opinion editor at S.U.'s independent student newspaper, The Daily Orange. Nick has also interned for and contributed to Popular Mechanics magazine. Besides toying with computers and gadgets, he enjoys running, motorcycling, camping, and finding absurd deals on Craigslist.

Wait, there are 4 iPads now? Here’s how to figure out which is for you

Apple’s newest additions to the iPad family bring the total found to four, which makes choosing a tablet trickier than it used to be. Here’s our quick-and-dirty cheatsheet to find out which iPad is for you.

Apple extends battery life, cuts prices (and weight) on its new MacBook Pros

The next generation of Apple MacBook Pros get Intel's new Haswell processors for longer battery life, along with slimmer designs, faster Wi-fi, and prices that drop by $200 across the board.

Mac rumor roundup: A 12-inch MacBook, cheaper iMacs, OS X Mavericks ready to go

Apple says it has “a lot to cover” at it’s October 22 announcement, and while we know new iPads are on the way, new Macs are likely coming as well. From MacBook Pro updates to a brand-new 12-inch MacBook, here’s what some sources…

Did I do that? Apple blushes, recalls MacBook Airs for faulty SSDs

Apple has recalled a years' worth of MacBook Airs after discovering that the 64GB and 128GB SSDs used inside are defective.

8.1 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.1

The long-waited Windows 8.1 upgrade is finally available for free from Microsoft, and it includes some great new features that will appease even the harshest of Windows 8 critics.

Surface RT branding was a mess, Microsoft brass confesses

Microsoft has learned its lesson from the failed launch of the Surface RT, confessing that the ‘RT’ branding confused consumers, who didn’t understand how the hardware or its new operating system varied from regular Windows.
Cool Tech

There is such a thing as a badass scooter, and Works Electric calls it the Rover

In a tiny workshop outside Portland, Oregon, one man builds the only scooter you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen on. We visited the shop to take it for a spin.

LaCie’s Porsche Design USB 3.0 key looks as fast as it performs

No, they didn’t add a spoiler. LaCie’s Porsche Design USB 3.0 key features a clean design you’ll be eager to display on our keychain, even if you don’t have the Porsche to accompany it.

HP’s tiny, $279 Chromebook 11 charges via microUSB

HP's Chromebook 11 advertises low weight, low cost, and power consumption so it low it can actually charge with an ordinary microUSB cable, giving travelers one less charger to carry.

Toshiba’s refreshed Portege and Tecra laptops emphasize portability with less compromise

Toshiba's new lineup of Portege and Tecra business laptops includes an Ultrabook with plentiful ports, another lightweight machine that still packs an optical drive, and a powerful mobile workstation.

Gateway’s unassuming One ZX4270 serves up just the basics for $399

Need a screen with a mouse and keyboard? Gateway’s basic ZX4270 all-in-one won't win any design or performance awards, but it delivers all the essentials for a reasonable $399.

Microsoft will let you preorder a shiny, boxed version of Windows 8.1 for $120

For users who haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 8 – or who need another copy – Microsoft has begun offering a boxed version of Windows 8.1 for the same price as the previous version.