Ross Rubin

Ross Rubin

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Ross Rubin is principal analyst at Reticle Research, an advisory firm focusing on consumer technologies, and the founder and editor of Backerjack, which covers the world of crowdfunded product innovation.

5 ways Amazon can make the next Fire Phone burn brighter

Amazon has steadily improving the content and services for its devices over the years -- don't count them out in the smartphone space just yet. Here are a few things Amazon could do to make the next Fire phone burn brighter.


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Microsoft has lost $1.7 billion on Surface so far, according to one recent analysis — renewing questions about the role of Microsoft’s would-be laptop conqueror. It doesn’t matter: Despite facing complaints from every corner (and that…


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The same duo that revolutionized TV viewing with TiVo just fell flat on their faces with Qplay, which folded within six months of launch. So what went wrong?

Home Theater

There’s a universal language for the smart home, but all won’t join AllJoyn

AllJoyn promises to unite the smart home under one common language, but there’s one problem: A handful of companies refuse to get join. Here’s why they’re holding out, and what it means for your connected dream home.