Ryan Waniata

Ryan Waniata

Ryan Waniata is an audio engineer, musician, composer, and lover of all things tech, audio, and cinema. Hailing originally from Montana, Ryan received his bachelor degree from the University of Montana in composition and technology. He later studied audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ, then packed up for Nashville, where he spent a couple of years playing and recording music in various studios and local venues. Ryan now makes his home in Portland, OR. Feel free to contact him on twitter, or check in with him at Digital Trends to get the scoop on all the latest in tech, film, and music.
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Bragi Dash Review

Someday, Bragi's Dash will be the ultimate headphones. That day is not today.
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Between the Streams: Netflix and the Punisher, Comcast vs. Disney, Capt. America

This week, we're talking about the crazy Comcast deal to buy DreamWorks Animation, the new Snowden trailer from Oliver Stone, Capt. America's impending box office juggernaut, a Punisher series from Netflix, and more.
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HBO’s strategy for streaming domination just had a monster weekend

HBO has been steadily transitioning from a top-tier premium network to a serious contender in the new streaming wars. With three major season premieres, Beyonce’s new album, and a weekend of free trials, was last weekend its best ever?
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Cord cutting 101: How to quit cable for online streaming video

If you're going to quit cable or satellite for a streaming TV solution, you're going to want to get it right the first time. We've outlined exactly how to get started, step-by-step. Follow our lead, and you'll never look back.
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Between the Streams: Game of Thrones preview, Jason Bourne, and spoiler rules

There's only one thing on our minds this week: Game of Thrones. We'll be spending a large portion of the show this week talking about the sixth season, which airs this coming Sunday, as well as our newly formed spoiler rules…
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Make your recordings sing with Samson’s Z55 studio headphones 2:15

We check out Samson's affordable new Z55 studio headphone. These cans impress with a clean and clear sound signature, excellent balance in the mix, and a nice selection of cables and accessories to help you get the most from your…

Even at 73, Paul McCartney still brought me to tears

I was skeptical about seeing Paul McCartney live, especially given his age and voice, but the experience changed my life for the better.
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Between the Streams: Dr. Strange, Capt America love-fest, young Han Solo and more

Between the Streams, DT’s entertainment show/podcast, is your guide to all of the latest (and dumbest) developments in TV and movies. This week: Dr. Strange gets an epic first trailer, Capt America: Civil War love-fest, texting…
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Universal picks another Hollywood upstart for Jurassic World sequel

Universal Studios has announced the successor to its sterling new Jurassic World franchise today, revealing the director for the sequel to the film will be Hollywood upstart J.A. Bayona.
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Netflix posts biggest subscriber increase ever — stock tanks in response

Despite announcing record subscriber gains and surging past 81.5 million subscribers, Netflix stock dropped today due to fears over slowing growth. Meanwhile, Netflix continues to double down on plans for global expansion, and bolstering…