Ryan Waniata

Ryan Waniata

Ryan Waniata is an audio engineer, musician, composer, and lover of all things tech, audio, and cinema. Hailing originally from Montana, Ryan received his bachelor degree from the University of Montana in composition and technology. He later studied audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ, then packed up for Nashville, where he spent a couple of years playing and recording music in various studios and local venues. Ryan now makes his home in Portland, OR. Feel free to contact him on twitter, or check in with him at Digital Trends to get the scoop on all the latest in tech, film, and music.

‘Fifth Beatle’ and renowned producer Sir George Martin passes away at 90

Sir George Martin, composer, musician, and rock producer extraordinaire who helped define the sound of the Beatles has died at the age of 90, passing away peacefully last night at his home in England.
Virtual Reality

How the creator of the MP3 is building the future of VR sound

We sat down with the leading developer of mobile VR sound solutions, German-based research firm Fraunhofer Institute. The creator of the MP3, Fraunhofer is now working with Samsung, LG, Google, and others with its open-source 3D surround…
Home Theater

MQA is an impressive new file format that squeezes superior sound into less space

This year at MWC we demoed a new format that might well turn the world of hi-res audio on its head. Called MQA, the compression system from Meridian Audio creates files that are smaller than FLAC files, and sound better too.
Home Theater

Amazon in talks with AMC and ESPN for its own live streaming TV service

Amazon continues its quest to create a live TV streaming service, reaching out to ESPN and AMC as possible add-on networks. With Showtime and Starz already available, Amazon looks to be making a big play for cord-cutters this year.

Sony’s Xperia Agent is the cute little robot that could. But will he?

Sony's globe-headed little concept 'bot, the Xperia Agent, wants to turn on your lights, tell you the news, and beam your video calls to your breakfast table. But will it ever make it off the ground?
Home Theater

Pricey and portable, Shure's premium headphone amp's got the goods where it counts

Shure’s SHA900 portable headphone amp is sleek and sexy if not a bit big, and it portably provides supremely realistic reproduction of all your music. At $1,000, you’d better bring your gold card, though.

Sonic superphone shootout: Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5 vs. Sony Xperia X

Most of us listen to music with our phones, so shouldn't the sound as good as they look? We checked out LG's G5 with the Hi-Fi Plus module, Sony's Xperia Performance, and Samsung's Galaxy S7 to see which sounded best.
Cool Tech

Cure your robo-phobia with Pepper, the adorable ‘human-shaped’ robot 5:10

Day three at MWC finally left some time for a conversation with Pepper, the wondrous 'human-shaped' robot. Pepper's creators envision a future where humans have robot companion that read our emotions and help in our daily lives.
Home Theater

Bots roll, cameras shake, and anything turns into a tablet on day 2 of MWC 2016 2:19

Day two at Mobile World Congress brought us a brilliant portable home theater for one, LG's take on BB-8, Oppo's idea for a shake-less camera phone, and Sony's interactive projector of the future.
Home Theater

We tried out this portable home theater for one, and we’re already hooked

The brilliant Glyph portable mediawear is coming to a store near you. The personal home theater device is one of the coolest things we've seen at MWC, offering a thrillingly immersive A/V experience for one.
Home Theater

Motorola unveils fully wireless earbuds at MWC with the new Verve Ones

Fully wireless earbuds are the holy grail of wireless headphones, but they've been hard to come by up to now. Motorola showed off its take on the burgeoning tech here at MWC 2016 in the new Verve Ones.

Bluetooth earpieces get a brand new bag in Sony’s new Xperia Ear

Sony aims to reinvent the dreaded Bluetooth earpiece with a fresh take in the new Xperia Ear. With a proximity sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, the new earpiece has high ambitions, including auto-transmitting news and weather info when…