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Ryan Fleming

Ryan Fleming is the Gaming and Cinema Editor for Digital Trends. He joined the DT staff in 2009 after spending time covering local news, travel features, and politics. He has also been a frequent guest on podcasts, radio programs, and TV spots. Ryan is a diehard gamer and follower of the gaming industry, an avid filmgoer, and a passionate supporter of his alma mater, the University of Kansas. Find Ryan online at: Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RyanFlemingPDX Twitter: @RyanFlemingPDX XBL: Iridium Six PSN: IridiumSix

PSP 2: What we know about the new Sony Playstation portable

PSP 2: Although Sony still refuses to officially confirm that there even is a PSP2 on the way, the device has been leaked enough to give us a fairly solid picture of what to expect from Sony’s new handheld.


EA to host live, online Dead Space 2 event today

To promote the upcoming Dead Space 2, EA and Visceral Games will host a live stream, where fans can ask question for a chance to win prizes.


Two new movies about Assange in the works

A film focusing on the life of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is in the early stages of development at HBO, while Universal has also greenlit a documentary on the man and his company.

Movies & TV

Tron Legacy DVD & blu-ray to feature Tron 3 teasers

When Tron: Legacy is released for home audiences, the DVD and blu-ray releases will include a brief trio of teasers that could hint at the future of the franchise.

Movies & TV

Best cross-platform video games

Whether you own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, these outstanding games that straddle both platforms are sure to be a hit.

Buying Guides

EA Sports picks Packers and Steelers to play in the Super Bowl

Using Madden 11 as a simulator, EA Sports has posted its picks for this weekend's AFC and NFC Championship games.


Digital Trends’ top 5 viral videos for January 21, 2011

In this week’s edition of our weekly viral videos: Brett Favre ponders what to do, a soaking wet legend is born, and behold the terror of the band that is Steklovata.


Finally, unbelievably, Duke Nukem Forever has an official release date

After years of aborted attempts, the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever has a release date of May 3, 2011. No, seriously.


Modern Warfare 3 confirmed for November

A new report suggests that Activision has enlisted the help of Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software to help Infinity Ward complete the third Modern Warfare for a November release.


Google changes CEO; co-founder Larry Page to take the reigns

Today Google announced a restructuring of its top positions. Co-founder Larry Page will take over the top spot from Eric Schmidt, who will take the title of Executive Chairman.


All energy could be renewable by 2030

A new study shows that by 2030, we could create 100 percent of our energy around the world from totally renewable and affordable sources. But will we?

Cool Tech

Bethesda releases new Brink trailer, “A Chorus of Guns”

Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage’s new title Brink might not have an official release date other than Spring 2011, but it does have a nifty new trailer showing off some of the weapons options.


Ubisoft announces its Nintendo 3DS lineup

The Nintendo 3DS will officially hit stores on March 27, and many developers, including Ubisoft, will be prepared will several titles to offer within the first half of the year.


Hathaway to play Catwoman, Hardy to play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Director Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros have officially released casting information regarding the next Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Movies & TV

Portal 2 will allow PS3 users to play against PC and Mac

The online multiplayer of Portal 2 will feature cross platform play, and allow PS3 users to face off against Mac and PC gamers.