Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg

Former Digital Trends Contributor
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The Kitchen of the Future: Tomorrow’s Technology

We separated the useless from the useful, and selected some uber-cool concept technologies.
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Is Blu-ray Worth Buying?

Examine the possibilities and pitfalls of the new high-def standard before spending hundreds.

Best Budget Home Audio and Speakers

We suggest a few budget solutions that offer a high-quality audio experience for a resonable price
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10 Best Digital Photo Frames Reviewed

We got our hands on 10 models and evaluated them on performance, features and build quality.
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Gift Ideas: PC and Laptop Accessories

Eight bits of computer kit any geek would be happy to get their hands on.
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Gifts for Parents and Grandparents

Here are a few ways our parents and grandparents can embrace technology without getting overwhelmed.

Photo Printing Tips

Learn how to touch-up your photos once they have been taken so they look perfect for printing.
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10 Best Home Projectors

The Following are ten of our favorite home cinema projectors that offer excellent picture quality.

10 Best iPhone Alternatives

Go against the grain and show your friends how cool you are to NOT have an Apple iPhone.

Digital Photo Tips: Make Pictures Pop

Learn some techniques the pros use to make images look their best with any camera.

The Home of the Future

We explore several of the key concepts that are destined to make tomorrow?s home safer, more energy-efficient, increasingly convenient, mind-blowingly luxurious and just plain cooler overall.
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James Bond: The Ultimate Spy Gear and Gadget Guide

You too can be just like James Bond with a million bucks and the right gear. Here is all you need...