Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg

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James Bond: The Ultimate Spy Gear and Gadget Guide

You too can be just like James Bond with a million bucks and the right gear. Here is all you need...

Home Theater Basics

Learn how to buy the right gear and setup your home theater the proper way,

Home Theater Design Tips

Five tips for improving your home audio and video experience.

LCD or Plasma HDTVs: Which to Choose?

We take you through the pros and cons of both LCD and Plasma TVs.

Satellite Radio Basics

Find out which satellite radio service has the programming and gear you want.
Product Review

Nintendo Wii Review

Nintendo Wii Review.

Summer Games

Not many games are released during the summer for obvious reasons. Find out what games to play during this summer's drought.
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Nintendo DS Lite Review

Nintendo DS Lite Review.
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Review

Microsoft Xbox 360 Review.
Home Theater

Dell Rolls Out 37-inch LCD TV

Just in time for the holiday buying season, Dell debuts its new 37-inch W3706C LCD display, and has started taking orders for its W5001C 50-inch plasma display.
Home Theater

Akimbo Adds Hallmark, Outdoor Channels

Akimbo's Internet-based video-on-demand service will offer content from both the Hallmark Channel and the Outdoor Channel later this month.
Product Review

Game Boy Micro Review

Game Boy Micro Review.