Scott Sterling

Scott Sterling

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Scott Sterling is a former middle school English teacher, current freelance writer, and stay-at-home dad. He was coding HTML in middle school in the early 90's, which made him really successful with the ladies. He joined Digital Trends in 2012 and focuses primarily on popular culture, Apple, and social media. A graduate of the University of South Florida, he lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. You can find him on Twitter, @ScottIsSterling.

Is Silicon Valley’s legendary office culture a business liability?

Plush offices loaded with free food and goodies may seem appealing, but the appearance they give to outsiders and the burden they impose on small companies can also present serious problems.


Put down that iPhone, Aunt Clara will get rid of her StarTAC when she’s ready

Gift giving may bring out your tech evangelism, but forcing people to upgrade before they want or need to can be more of an inconvenience than a courtesy.

Cool Tech

Strolling down the Memory Lane left by social media

Facebook’s “relationship pages” may be new, but the traces of online relationships go back much further, as one someone who met his wife online over a decade ago can attest.


How I tried to download new basketball skills, and only partially failed

Can the Internet turn a 30-something guy from chump to baller on the basketball court? Not quite yet.


What Obama’s second term means for technology

Obama has four more years in the White House, but what will his policies mean for the future of the tech we use every day?


Why can’t Americans stomach unsubsidized phones?

While other countries pay full price for phones in exchange for cheap service with no strings attached, Americans happily cuff ourselves to expensive contracts to knock a few hundred bucks off a phone up front. Are we just too short-sighted to care?


Shredding the myth of the paperless office

Technology promised to deliver us from paper for good, but we’re actually using more than ever before.


One small step for Baumgartner, one giant pitfall for TV networks

Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking skydive from the edge of space proves that the future of television – even live television – indisputably lies online.


How Apple’s Foxconn problem is like Nike’s sweatshop problem, and why the outcome is the same

Reminiscent of 1990s Nike, Apple now faces intense criticism for the working conditions of its manufacturing partners. Will customers force a change?


Is reading dying or flourishing in the Internet age?

Technophobes may have hailed the death of the book with the advent of TV decades ago, but studies show we’re bigger readers now than ever.


How to use the Web to make car buying suck less

Cut your time bartering and still get the wheels you want with online research and even peer-to-peer lending.


What happened to big ideas in smartphones?

The grand strides smartphones used to make from generation to generation have been replaced by baby steps. What’s the next big thing for smartphones, and when will we finally see it?


Why the Toys ‘R’ Us Tabeo will fail, while Chuck E. Cheese flourishes

While one kid business is trying desperately to keep up with tech and failing, another effortlessly thrives without it. What’s going on?


Opinion: Sorry NFL, technology just makes football better on TV

Anyone with a big-screen TV and a $50 cable package has the best seat in the house without getting out of the recliner. So why should we pay up to attend games, again?


How tech could make party conventions suck less

Political conventions are obsolete and overfunded, but throwing a little tech in the mix could at least make the spectacle more fun to watch.