Simon Hill

Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a freelance technology journalist and editor who loves all things tech. You'll find him writing about smartphones, wearables, tablets, software, computing, videogames, and robots all over the internet. He spent several years working in the games industry, and lives in Scotland with his wife and two kids.

Is smartphone addiction real? We ask the experts

We use our smartphones more than ever, but is it really something we should be worried about? We asked some experts whether smartphone addiction really exists, and found out how to tell if you have a problem, and what to do about it.
Product Review

Osmo Review

Osmo connects tangible toys with iPad games to keep your kids laughing and learning.

6 Moto X Style Pure Edition problems, and how to fix them

Smartphone bugs, glitches, and issues can be frustrating, but there’s usually an answer. These are the most commonly reported Moto X Style Pure Edition problems, with advice on workarounds or fixes.

10 handy Moto X Style Pure Edition tips and tricks

Looking to make the most of your new Motorola smartphone? Want to uncover all the hidden features and options? Come on in for a look at some handy Moto X Style Pure Edition tips and tricks.

Afraid of cell phone radiation? We tried an app that tracks it

Are you concerned about cell phone radiation? Cellraid’s new apps can offer you an insight into how much radiation your phone is emitting, and even cut the connection if safe SAR levels are exceeded.

Xperia Z5 Premium vs. Xperia Z5 vs. Xperia Z5 Compact: Which Sony phone is right for you?

We went hands on with Sony's new trio of smartphones at IFA and, though they're closely related, there are some key differences, which we explore here. Find out what how they compare, and which is for you.

Acer gives us another look at the Windows 10 Jade Primo, a phone that thinks its a pocket PC

Acer's Jade Primo smartphone runs Windows 10, and is sold as a complete package that makes the best use of the Windows Continuum feature, coming with a dock, keyboard and mouse for desktop computing on the go. Here's everything you need to…
Cool Tech

Fonesalesman features its FurniQi furniture to facilitate wireless charging

If you like the idea of wireless charging built into your furniture then you need to check out Fonesalesman's new FurniQi range. The first release is a side table with Qi wireless charging capability.

Are screens scrambling our kids’ brains? We asked an expert

Are your kids constantly glued to a tablet, smartphone, or TV? Do you know what they’re watching? What are the potential negative effects of unrestricted media use? We asked an expert how much screen time is too much.