Simon Hill

Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a freelance technology journalist and editor who loves all things tech. You'll find him writing about smartphones, wearables, tablets, software, computing, videogames, and robots all over the internet. He spent several years working in the games industry, and lives in Scotland with his wife and two kids.

16 of the most annoying issues with the Nexus 5, and how to fix them

Ready to smash something to smithereens? About to tear your hair out? Slow down, take a breath, and join us, as we identify possible workarounds and potential solutions to your Nexus 5 problems.

How to escape your phone contract without paying a dime

Early termination fees can be horribly expensive, but they can be hard to avoid if you want to get out of your contract before the minimum term is up. Here are some legitimate ways to avoid or reduce these fees.

How to buy and sell electronics on eBay or Craigslist

Looking to turn your old electronics into cash? Your best chance of getting a decent price is on eBay and Craigslist. Here are some tips on how to prepare your device, write an ad, handle the sale, and make money.

Lost in a sea of phablet features? Here are 15 tips to become a Galaxy Note 4 master

The king of the phablet jungle is a powerful beast of a smartphone. Find out if you’re really taking full advantage of your feature-packed superphone, and teach it some new tricks with these handy Galaxy Note 4 tips.
Home Theater

Be shrewd or get screwed: How to haggle your way to a lower cable or Internet bill

Why pay more for your broadband or TV service than you really have to? Loyalty is not rewarded by service providers unless you’re prepared to ask. Here’s what to do if you want to reduce your bills or get better service.

Augmate wants to make working in a warehouse like playing Terminator with boxes

Is it time for wearable technology to augment the workplace? Augmate is using off-the-shelf smart eyewear and creating apps to link it up with enterprise systems and databases. Is this a hands-free route to greater efficiency?
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Wellograph Review

The Wellograph fitness tracker is worth $350 only if you exercise in a suit.

Your phone is busted, now what? How to get it fixed on a budget

The cost of replacing your broken smartphone or eating the deductible on a claim often exceeds the cost of getting a repair or fixing it yourself. We take a look at how to repair your smartphone or get it repaired.

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