Simon Hill

Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a freelance technology journalist and editor who loves all things tech. You'll find him writing about smartphones, wearables, tablets, software, computing, videogames, and robots all over the internet. He spent several years working in the games industry, and lives in Scotland with his wife and two kids.
Product Review

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Review

The Dash robot inspires your child to program and have fun at the same time.

15 handy One M9 tips to help you get more from your phone

Is your One M9 all it can be? Maybe you're missing out on the best it has to offer. Only one way to be sure – check out our roundup of handy HTC One M9 tips and tricks and see if you can get a little extra.

This aluminum battery can charge your entire phone in 1 minute

Scientists at Stanford have just developed an aluminum battery that could enable your phone to go from empty to full in as little as one minute. It's also long-lasting, relatively inexpensive, and safer than the batteries we're currently…

Should you shell out for an extended warranty? We ask an expert

When buying consumer electronics should you consider paying out for an extended warranty? We asked an expert about what devices, if any, are worth getting coverage for, and what you can expect for your money.

Your photos come to life thanks to new emotionsAR service

This new augmented reality service enables you to bring your still photos to life. Using the emotionsAR app you can trigger video, audio, and interactive buttons by scanning an image.

Are cookies crumbling our privacy? We asked an expert to find out

Ever wondered about Internet cookies? We take a look at what cookies really are, and track their origin. In the wake of the EU cookie law, we also discuss their impact on our privacy, both real and imagined.
Product Review

Martian Watches Passport Review

Dick Tracy would love this chunky smartwatch, but we do not.

Want to run Android on your PC? AMI’s DuOS is the answer

If you're looking for a way to run Android on Windows, you need to check out AMI DuOS. It's an inexpensive solution that lets you run Android in a window on your x86 tablet, laptop, or desktop.

The origins of newbie, noob, and n00b

We've all been newbies at one time or another, but have you ever been called a noob or a n00b? We take a look at where the term originated and discuss the difference in meaning when it's spelled differently.
Cool Tech

Robots sent into schools to inspire students to code

A new education program called Teach Wonder was launched this month in more than 150 American schools. Wonder Workshop deployed its Dash and Dot robots into 150 US schools to inspire kids to learn to code.