Simon Hill

Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a freelance technology journalist and editor who loves all things tech. You'll find him writing about smartphones, wearables, tablets, software, computing, videogames, and robots all over the internet. He spent several years working in the games industry, and lives in Scotland with his wife and two kids.

The origins of newbie, noob, and n00b

We've all been newbies at one time or another, but have you ever been called a noob or a n00b? We take a look at where the term originated and discuss the difference in meaning when it's spelled differently.
Cool Tech

Robots sent into schools to inspire students to code

A new education program called Teach Wonder was launched this month in more than 150 American schools. Wonder Workshop deployed its Dash and Dot robots into 150 US schools to inspire kids to learn to code.

The Swiss Army Knife of phone tools, PK’s K’isauve is a battery, SSD, cable in one

The PK K'isuave is a handy gadget that can charge up your smartphone and provide extra storage which you can access at lightning speeds thanks to the USB 3.1 support. It's waterproof and rugged too.

Did your phone get Lollipop yet? Here are 10 useful tips for Android 5.0

Believe it or not, there are hidden depths to Google's latest platform update and these Android 5.0 Lollipop tips are designed to help you unlock them. We'll help you discover little known features and help you better acquaint yourself with…

5 common Moto 360 problems, and how to solve them

The circular Motorola 360 may make the most of Android Wear and represent a hit for Motorola, but it isn't a perfect smartwatch. Here are some of the most commonly reported Moto 360 problems with a few potential solutions for rectifying the…
Buying Guides

Don’t blow $17,000 on an Apple Watch Edition, buy this tech instead

The tech world is full of tempting delights with terrifying price tags. On that note the most expensive Apple Watch will cost you $17,000. We decided to take a look at what else that amount of cash could get you.
Cool Tech

Thermal imaging doesn’t just illuminate the dark, it now lets you turn dumb objects smart

Metaio has been showing off a series of demos designed to showcase the potential of augmented reality technology. Thermal touch has real potential as a an alternative control scheme for wearables that doesn't rely on direct interactions…

This robot can dance like Michael Jackson, and we can’t stop watching

This programmable robot from Spanish manufacturer, BQ, is designed to inspire the next generation of mechanical engineers, and we have video of it slaying the dance floor like Michael Jackson.
Cool Tech

Ford’s e-bike knows when you’re tired of pedaling, takes over

Ford's new e-bike may be aimed at the commercial sector, but we want to hop on for a ride. It syncs with your phone and the handlebars vibrate to indicate which way to turn.
Android Army

With a Kevlar back and room for up to 464GB, Saygus's V2 doesn't mess around

The Saygus V2 has a spec list fit to make the most hardened Android geek drool with anticipation. We went hands on with it at MWC in Barcelona

This portable battery can charge your gadgets forever, if you have water and salt

We spoke to Bjorn Westerholm, CEO of MyFC about his new portable fuel cell charger for mobile devices. It's a green solution with recycled materials, powered by water and salt, and an eye-catching product that could turn charging on its…
Product Review

Mlais M9 Review

For $110, this Android smartphone is worth a risk