Simon Hill

Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a freelance technology journalist and editor who loves all things tech. You'll find him writing about smartphones, wearables, tablets, software, computing, videogames, and robots all over the internet. He spent several years working in the games industry, and lives in Scotland with his wife and two kids.

Walabot 3D-imaging scanner gives you X-ray vision

We spoke with Vayyar and got a demo of the forthcoming 3D-imaging scanner, Walabot, which works with your Android smartphone to see through walls, track movement, measure depth, and more.
Cool Tech

SuperSuit combines gaming with actual physical activity for kids 1:31

We checked out a new wearable gaming system for kids that doesn't use screens at all. The SuperSuit supports games like hide and seek and laser tag, and also allows you to remote control model cars and drones.

5 best mobile accessories of MWC 2016

We take a closer look at five best mobile accessories that caught our eye at MWC 2016. We've got a handy smartphone camera mount, an ingenious folding plug, a handy keyring charger, and more.

10 Tips to free up storage space on your Android phone or tablet

A lack of storage space on your Android phone or tablet can lead to frustration and even performance problems. Check out these space-saving tips and free up some space on your Android today.
Cool Tech

We’ve seen the light! Li-Fi is the future of wireless connectivity

The promise of faster and more stable Internet access through our lights is really exciting. We got a demo of PureLiFi in action at MWC 2016 and talked with the COO about the future of this technology.

Talking mobility, autonomous cars, and the future with a forward-looking Ford

Ford has conducted all kinds of mobility experiments to gain a deeper understanding of what customers need today and what they'll want tomorrow -- and what's over the horizon sounds amazing.

We tried a new battery tech that can fully charge your phone in 5 minutes

We got a demo of StoreDot's fast-charging technology at MWC 2016, where it charged up a Galaxy S6 from 10 percent to 100 percent in five minutes. It could be coming to a phone near you soon.
Product Review

Vortex Kid’s First Robot Review

Host robot wars in your living room with Vortex’s crazy, programmable bots.

5 ways the ‘supermaterial’ graphene could transform the tech around us

We checked out the Graphene Pavilion at MWC in Barcelona and found five intriguing prototypes that show off what graphene might bring to electronics in the near future.

Touring a museum with Project Tango is an empowering glimpse into the future

Lenovo and Google took us on a tour of a stunning Barcelona museum using Project Tango technology. We're excited about its potential to help us navigate indoors and find people and places.

Motorola’s old team now designs all Lenovo phones, has big plans for Moto Maker

Motorola president Rick Osterloh talked about the future of the Moto brand under Lenovo at MWC today and revealed a few interesting tidbits on the direction the company is taking.