Ted Kritsonis

Ted Kritsonis

A journalism grad-turned-veteran of the biz, Ted covers the tech world, and has written for a number of publications in Canada and the U.S. Ted loves hockey and history books, but also gets a kick out of saving people money through smarter tech buying decisions. Well-traveled, spoken, and a nice in a Canadian way, Ted lives and breathes Toronto, but doesn't always write from there.
Home Theater

Got a Roku or Apple TV? Sideclick could make your TV remote a thing of the past

Sideclick, a universal remote that snaps on to existing popular streaming box remotes, is designed to replace your TV remote by adding eight programmable buttons.
Product Review

Acemile Theatre Box Review

Can a speaker the size of a Kleenex box really replace your surround system?
Android Army

VoiceDial app adds hands-free voice dialing to Android devices, no cloud required

The new free VoiceDial app for Android smartphones and tablets learns a user's contact list and lets them make calls by voice without touching their device or using the cloud.
Product Review

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review

Creative's Soundblaster Roar starts a party faster than a round of Jell-O shots.
Home Theater

Sling TV comes to Android with 50 percent off Nexus Player purchases from Google

Sling TV's live TV streaming service adds Android TV support, including Google’s Nexus Player, where a new promotion will slash 50% off purchases from Google for customers who pre-pay for at least a three-month Sling TV subscription.
Home Theater

InAiR TV brings augmented reality-like experience to TV, and you’re the remote control

SeeSpace's new InAiR TV plug-in device is like Minority Report in your living room, grabbing content from the Internet to augment what you're watching on the big screen, which you can control through gestures.
Product Review

BlackBerry Leap Review

The BlackBerry Leap is more like a hop, but it will fulfill the faithful.
Home Theater

Marshall cuts the cord for the company’s first ever portable Bluetooth speaker

Marshall headphones has unveiled the company's first portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, calling it the Kilburn. The speaker packs a 20 hour max battery, a 4-inch sub, and plenty of old-school Marshall nostalgia.
Android Army

Phantom Glass hands-on: The last screen protector you’ll ever need?

Smartphone displays can shatter in split seconds, but a startup making glass screen protectors thinks it can help you avoid that.

Meet the hackers who smuggled the Netflix of piracy aboard your iPad

Popcorn Time, A.K.A. the ‘Netflix for torrents’ comes to iOS without requiring a jailbreak. It offers a lot of content and challenges Apple’s walled garden for apps. The controversial app is viewed as a danger by Netflix and studios…
Cool Tech

Donning this VR headset turns any room into a Holodeck. So we fought a hydra

The Sulon Cortex is a VR headset that uses the physical dimensions of one’s surroundings and tailors content to it in an immersive and interactive way.