Ted Kritsonis

Ted Kritsonis

A journalism grad-turned-veteran of the biz, Ted covers the tech world, and has written for a number of publications in Canada and the U.S. Ted loves hockey and history books, but also gets a kick out of saving people money through smarter tech buying decisions. Well-traveled, spoken, and a nice in a Canadian way, Ted lives and breathes Toronto, but doesn't always write from there. Contact Ted on Twitter (@byTeddyK) or via e-mail (teddyk@teksavvy.com).

JVC aims new BlackCrystal 50-inch E-LED TV at those seeking a premium picture without all the smart stuff

After being quiet for some time in the TV space, JVC announced a new 50-inch E-LED HDTV in its BlackCrystal with the R Series BC50R, the largest screen size model in the line produced thus far, which hits retail this month for $800.

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NCAA Final Four the first major U.S. sports event in 4K

The Final Four of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball tournament was the first major U.S. sporting event recorded in 4K Ultra HD, with fans at Atlanta's Georgia Dome able to see highlights on LG Ultra HD TVs scattered around the stadium.

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Jim Cramer thinks Microsoft should buy Netflix

If you ask "Mad Money" stock expert, Jim Cramer, Microsoft should make a major move and acquire Netflix, bringing it into cohesion with the Xbox for total control of the living room. Oh, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings should also run it all.


Rumor mill runs rampant suggesting a 60-inch Apple iTV is coming this year

From a ring to a "mini" and now the actual screen size, the latest iTV rumor suggests it will come with a 60-inch display and cost between $1,500 to $2,500. Rumor or a pure guess, that price range could be for anybody's 60-inch TV.

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Put a ring on it: Latest Apple iTV rumor implies an iRing will act as remote control

The rumor mill keeps spinning on Apple's iTV, with the latest being that suppliers are developing a ring to act as a gesture-based remote control. On top of that, an "iTV mini" is apparently in the works, but it may not be what you think.

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Game of Thrones season premiere breaks BitTorrent record

The Game of Thrones season 3 premiere attracted 4.4 million viewers, but also broke another record — the most heavily downloaded torrent, ever, in a 24-hour span.

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Motive Television wants to put TV on your tablet, no Internet required

While startups like Aereo have to wage legal battles against networks to stream live TV broadcasts over the Internet, a new technology from UK-based Motive Television aims to deliver TV to tablets using standard over-the-air broadcast signals. Trials are…

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Marantz NR1604 and NR1504 AV receivers announced, one feature-packed the other priced to delight

Marantz spilled the beans on two new NR-series receivers today. The slim-line receivers are known to pack a musical punch without taking up much space. But this year, Marantz packed one to the gills with features, but left the other stripped down to keep the…

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Soundfreaq reaches back to the 80’s with new retro-styled Boom Freaq speaker dock

If the Dad in your life likes to quote Run-D.M.C and talk about how "Back to the Future" is the greatest movie ever made, then have we got a Father's Day gift idea for you. Check out the Boom Freaq from Sound Freaq - a modern-day speaker dock with a decidedly…

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Mohu’s Jolt antenna amplifier clears the airwaves to better TV reception

Mohu's Jolt inline antenna amp doesn't just amplify weak signals, it filters out airborne riff-raff to give users cleaner, more reliable TV reception

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Asus EeeBox EB1501 Review

We review Asus' EeeBox EB1501, a mini-desktop PC the size of a paperback novel that's capable of surfing the net, writing papers, and playing back full HD 1080p content.

  • Pros: Sleek and refined design fits any décor , nVidia Ion helps…
  • Cons: Expensive relative to competitors , Can’t handle all HD…

Acer AspireRevo Review

We review the Acer AspireRevo, a small form PC that makes a compelling case to be part of your living room setup.

  • Pros: Compact design makes it easy to place anywhere , Nvidia Ion…
  • Cons: Atom processor shows strain when multiple apps are open…