Trevor Mogg

Trevor Mogg

Not so many moons ago, Trevor moved from one tea-loving island nation that drives on the left (Britain) to another (Japan). As far as electronics are concerned, he's in the right place, with the East Asian country continuing to produce a plethora of gadgets and gizmos for tech addicts around the world. When not writing for Digital Trends, Trevor can be found out and about taking far too many photos, or in front of his computer trying to sort them all out.

British Airways’ new billboard uses ‘digital wizardry’ to point to incoming flights

Combining kids' fascination with planes with adults' ever-present desire to drop everything and escape to somewhere slightly more exotic than wherever they are in any given moment, British Airways has come up with a clever context-aware…

Apple’s new ‘Life on iPad’ minisite shows off the tablet’s more unusual uses

With consumers beginning to think about what gifts to get loved ones, Apple is hoping to grab a few extra sales for its iPad with a new section on its website showing off the myriad of ways in which people use its popular tablet.
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Google Play update puts tablet-optimized apps front and center for slate users

An update rolled out Thursday for the Google Play Store has put tablet-optimized apps front and center for slate users. Although a 'designed for tablets' section has been on the Play Store for a while, this update establishes it as the…

Vine short-video app expands globally with support for 19 languages

Vine is likely to see lots of new users joining its platform thanks to an iOS and Android update Thursday that adds support for 19 languages, including French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

Patent battle: Samsung ordered to pay Apple $290 million after retrial

In 2012 a California judge ruled in a patent case between Apple and Samsung that $400 million awarded to Apple in damages had been erroneously calculated. After a retrial this week, another jury put the figure at $290 million.
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Google Translate for Android updated for easier conversations, and more

If you're a frequent traveler to foreign climes or simply have an interest in the world's rich array of languages, you might already be using Google Translate. And if you're using it on an Android device, there's an update waiting for you.

Hate Google? Microsoft has some ‘Scroogled’ goodies for you!

If trying to find appropriate gifts for friends and family happens to always be one of the more challenging times of the year, Microsoft can help you out with any Google haters among them.

Apple’s location-sensing iBeacon tech comes to Macy’s, offers discounts and more

Apple has said little about its location-sensing iBeacon tech since introducing it a few months back, but one company has already started testing it at Macy's as a way of offering smartphone-equipped shoppers discounts and more when they…

Microsoft launches eBay store in time for holiday season

Google is opening a number of Winter Wonderlab showrooms over the holiday season, and Intel has a number of pop-up stores planned too. And now Microsoft has announced, just in time for gift-hunting shoppers, a brand new store on eBay.
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Twitter improves search with new filters for its iOS and Android apps

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps with new filters for search, enabling users to find meaningful content more quickly instead of having to wade through a mass of mixed-up results.

Flickr launches Photo Books, turn your images into a hardcover for $35

Flickr on Tuesday announced a new Photo Book service, allowing users of the photo-sharing site to quickly and easily create image-filled hardcovers. Prices start at $34.95 for a 20-page book.