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The best Apple Watch straps you can buy right now

Apple made it very easy to change the strap on your Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, but it made the official straps it sells very, very expensive. Beautiful though they are, there’s no need to be limited to Apple’s range of replacement bands, regardless of how much you have to spend.

Like putting your phone inside a case, changing the strap on your watch is the quickest way to give it an entirely new look, and it’s easy to build up a collection that goes with different outfits, or for when you’re doing certain activities. The choice is huge, so we’ve gathered together a list of our favorite straps and bands for the Apple Watch here.

Official Apple straps

Apple Woven Nylon Straps ($50)

Apple Woven Nylon Straps

Apple’s nylon straps are some of the most colorful — and breathable — around. They’re made from more than 500 threads woven together in a pattern, and they’re bound by monofilaments that adhere four layers together to create a fabric-like material that’s comfortable both indoors and out. Moreover, Apple’s nylon bands come in an enormous (and growing) array of colors, including berry, Tahoe blue, orange, red, pollen, midnight blue, pearl, black, and scores of other color combinations.

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Apple Sport Straps ($50)

Apple Watch Sport

If you need something sturdier than nylon to get you through a hectic day, Apple offers the Sport Band. It’s made from a stretchy, high-performance “fluroelastomer” that’s both strong and soft to the touch. A nifty “pin-and-tuck” closure also ensures that it fits snugly around your wrist, and a smooth finish prevents unwanted pinches and rashes. The Sport Band is currently available in camellia red, pebble, azure, white, pink sand, midnight blue, black, and a host of alternative color combinations.

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Apple Classic Buckle ($150)

Apple Classic Buckle

There’s arguably no material more quintessential than leather when it comes to watch straps, and Apple offers a great selection. The Cupertino-based company’s bands are made from calf leather that ages naturally over time to acquire a “patina,” which basically amounts to a gorgeous sheen. Each strap features a contrasting interior lining, color-matched stitching, and a spring-loaded buckle that makes it easier to affix the band. Apple’s leather straps come in berry, red, taupe, sapphire, saddle brown, midnight blue, and black.

If you’re the lucky owner of an Apple Watch Hermès, you get the option of fauve, fauve barenia, blue zéphyr, colvert swift, and eight other distinct colors. Double buckles currently come in blue agate Epsom, rose jaipur Epsom, etoupe Epsom, and fauve barenia.

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Apple Stainless Steel ($150+)

Apple Watch milanese loop detail

If metal is more your style, Apple has you covered. The company’s stunning Milanese loop, a modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century, touts a stainless-steel design, wraps around your wrist, and adjusts with the help of magnets. Apple’s Link Braclet, meanwhile, features butterfly closure folds within the bracelet, allowing for a clean look. The onboard release button also makes it easy to add or remove links without special tools.

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