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The best smartwatch you can buy

We tested popular smartwatches to find the uncontested best

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The best Android Wear smartwatch

Huawei Smart Watch

Why should you buy this: It’s good-looking, gender neutral, and has solid specs.

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants a classy round smartwatch that’ll work on iOS or Android

How much will it cost: $350+

Why we picked the Huawei Watch

It took nearly 10 months to hit store shelves following its announcement, but the Huawei Watch is worth the wait. Available in black, gold, or stainless steel, it is the best looking Android Wear device we’ve seen from a tech company. It’s technically impressive too, with the 400 x 400 pixel, 1.4-inch AMOLED screen, which surpasses all other Android Wear watch displays in terms of sharpness.

Android Wear runs smoothly on the watch, and even though it’s not our favorite smartwatch OS, the new version is a big step forward in terms of design and ease of use. You can read our hands on with Android Wear 2.0 here. It’ll also work with both iOS and Android devices, though iOS functions are limited. If you have an iPhone, we still recommend the Apple Watch Series 2 ahead of Huawei’s Watch. However, for Android users, it doesn’t get better than this.

For those who like to workout, there’s a heart rate monitor for fitness tracking and the Google Fit app will keep tabs on your workouts. It’s not for swimming, though it is IP67 water resistant and can handle 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. There’s no built-in GPS, either.

The 42mm circular body is just about compact enough to suit male and female wrists, but it’s still skewed towards men. However, the design is sleek enough to appeal to everyone. Huawei also offers female-friendly versions of the watch, which come in nice rose gold finishes and a Swarovski crystal dial. It won’t be to every woman’s taste, and the watch is large on the smallest of wrists, but if you like big watches, it’ll please you.

The Huawei Watch lasts 1-2 days on a charge depending on how much you use it, and it has a nice magnetic charger that’s easy to use.

You’ll need to splash out some dough if it takes your fancy. The basic leather strapped model costs $350, but you could end up paying anywhere up to $800 if you prefer the rose gold version. You can grab 18mm bands from third parties to lower your costs somewhat. Price aside, it’s our favorite Android Wear smartwatch.

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