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Sony’s latest watch has an E-Ink band and face so you can customize every inch

It may have begun as an experiment, but two years later, the Sony FES Smartwatch seems like a resounding success for internal crowdfunding. After hitting stores for the first time last November, this e-ink watch is undergoing innovations and renovations yet again. Now, an update to the FES shows that this pretty little wearable features both an e-ink display and an e-ink band. So let your imagination run wild — this watch can handle it.

The FES Watch U already pairs with your phone to control its design, but whereas users could previously only determine the appearance of the watch face, now wearers can change the band’s style as well. A single FES Watch U can now host a whole slew of design possibilities, so you’ll only ever need one watch for any and all of your outfits.

The flexible band is a little thicker than your traditional leather, plastic, or cloth band (because it has to accommodate for the e-ink display), but if you don’t mind some extra bulk around your wrist, this shouldn’t be an issue. The watch body is composed either of steel and sapphire glass or traditional glass, depending on the model you decide to purchase. And because e-ink is very efficient in terms of energy consumption, your watch will stay charged for up to three weeks.

In total, there will be 12 watch face and band designs shipped with the device, but the Sony community (or the company itself) may come up with more, as the FES is capable of storing 24 different designs.

The waterproof wearable isn’t the first smartwatch to feature e-ink, but both its crowdfunded origins and now, the ability to change the design of its very band differentiates it from say, the Pebble. And while consumers in the United States haven’t been able to get their hands on a FES as easily (it’s been available only in Japan), the watch is clearly popular enough in its home country to justify a second version.

As before, the new watch will be crowdfunded, but again, probably only for Japanese tech and design enthusiasts.