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Fossil pops out 7 more stylish wearables, including two Android Wear smartwatches

Earlier this year, Fossil promised to add 100 new smart devices to its lineup before the end of 2016. As of March 15, the company is seven devices closer to its goal.

There was something for everyone in the company’s announcement of new wearables, including two new Android Wear devices, as well as a few “smarter analog watches” and fitness trackers.

Android Wear Watches


The two Android Wear devices follow in the footsteps of the Q Founder, which was released towards the end of 2015 and offers smart features in a classic-looking metal frame. The new watches will be available later this year with a starting price of $275.

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While the Q Founder was a pretty hefty device, the Q Wander and Q Marshal are aimed at suiting those who want something a little more subtle. The Q Wander features a 44mm case and more feminine look, depending on which color you choose. The Q Marshal is a little larger than the Wander with a rugged case of 46mm and “vintage-inspired” straps. The marshal seems ideal for men with slimmer wrists or ones who just don’t like the Q Foudner’s chunky style, while the Q Wander is for the ladies.

As far as functions go, the devices are very similar to the Q Founder. They track steps, distance, and calories. The Wander and Marshal both function pretty much the same as every other Android Wear watch on the market, so you’ll get notifications and be able to use your favorite apps on your wrist. Both watches feature an always-on display and voice control.

Smart Analog Movement


Fossil also teased what it calls “smarter analog watches,” as part of its Smart Analog Movement. These devices will look much more like analog watches, but will include things like fitness tracking and some level of notifications. These watches will be shown off later this year, and should appeal to those who want a classic look, but still would like some of the major advantages of smartwatches.

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Based on the photos of the analog watches, they will be some of the more stylish “smart” watches on the market, and at first glance you would never expect them to offer smart features like fitness tracking. Much like the Withings Activité and the Runtastic Moment, these are watches first and smart trackers second.

Fitness Trackers


The watches are great for everyday use, but what about devices for the fitness junkies among us? Well, Fossil is also announcing a range of fitness tracking devices called Q Motion that will be disguised as bracelets. They will start at $95, but they offer water resistance and don’t require charging — Although you will have to swap out the coin cell battery every six months or so.

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These fitness trackers will also offer smartwatch features, such as the ability to send notifications through haptic feedback and LED pulses. Users can even control music by tapping on the device a certain number of times.

All of these devices will arrive at varying points of the year, so keep an eye out for more information and our reviews. In the meantime, you can read more here.