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This sports app provides plenty of advice on how to improve your swinging lifestyle

Most people glance at the data collected by a wearable device, then dismiss it. It’s often hard to know what kind of action to take to improve your well-being based on your step count and sleep patterns alone, and most wearables don’t give concrete suggestions beyond, “Walking 10,000 steps a day is healthy.” Zepp Labs, a company whose wearables aim to track your golf, tennis, and baseball swings, used to just show you your results and compare them to the pros’ metrics, but now the app will give you recommendations of drills to do to improve your swing.

Much like a coach or personal trainer will build custom workouts for athletes to improve their performance in specific ways, the Zepp app goes through your data to see where you’re going wrong, and then suggests a series of drills you should perform to get your swing closer to a high-caliber hit made by someone like David Ortiz.

The app will also give you realistic goals to meet based on your age, height, ability, and so on. Zepp can do this because it collects massive amounts of relevant user data. Then, coaches, parents, or the athletes themselves can check to see how they compare to others in the same age range.

Zepp Labs

Older app features like 3D swing modeling, video recording of swings, and all the stats from pros like baseball player Ortiz, golfer Keegan Bradley, and others are still available to users, too. Zepp’s goal is to build a comprehensive app that truly tells users how to improve and maximize their potential. Since the wearables for golf, baseball, and tennis cost around $150, the app is available for free. You can check out all of Zepp’s iOS apps on the App Store and its Android offerings on the Google Play Store.