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28 horror movies you can stream while you scream

90s Slashers

Ahh…so many good things about the 90s. You’ve got flannel shirts, the TV show Friends, grunge music, and epic slasher movie hits. Sure, some of the movies we’ve listed here have atrocious Rotten Tomato ratings – feel free to blame it on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s acting or overused plotlines, because really, how many times do teens have to get together and make utterly stupid decisions that will ultimately get them killed? – but gore is a necessity when it comes to horror, so…deal with it.

Scream (1996)

If you think getting random calls on your smartphone is odd, just imagine what it was like in the 90s when having caller ID was a luxury and phone calls in the middle of the night ended up in a homicide. Add to that the fact that the mystery caller-killer is a horror movie trivia genius, and you’ve got yourself a film that not only frightens you, but educates you as well. This is the only movie in this category that has a fairly high review rating, so if you feel like seeing some bodies get sliced and diced, make sure you have this film on queue.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

ikwydls movieWhat should you do when you accidentally run over someone with your car? Get your friends to help you dump the body and pretend it never happened, obviously. What happens when you receive an anonymous note alluding to your secret felony? Figure out who’s messing with you before getting offed, of course! The acting errs toward the terrible side, but at least everyone in it is very good looking. 

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Urban Legend (1998)

urban legend movieA college student taking up American folklore takes her classes so seriously that when a series of strange deaths occur on campus, she immediately concludes that they all have something to do with an urban legend linked to her alma mater. She’s right … right?

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Ravenous (1999)


Hey ma, what’s for dinner? Oh, human flesh? Good, then let’s watch this movie about cannibalism!

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