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Planning a wedding? Get Joy, the digital wedding planner

Your big day can be a big headache without some professional help, but now there’s a startup that’s looking to alleviate the pain. Meet Joy, the digital era’s answer to the age-old question of how to plan and arrange your wedding.

A relatively new company (it launched from Y Combinator this summer), Joy is by no means the first wedding-related startup to hit the scene. But co-founder Vishal Joshi hopes that its all-in-one nature may help to differentiate it from the pack. As Joshi told TechCrunch, Joy has “implemented a social twist to the platform as well, giving the wedding party the power to share photos and interact with one another before the big day and during the festivities.”

There’s little that Joy doesn’t take care of for you, whether as a bride, groom, or guest. With Joy, you can create a website, collect photos (that your guests may take and upload), send digital RSVPs, import spreadsheets, and even make digital introductions to various members of your wedding party. Wedding registries, itineraries, and social media sharing can also be controlled directly by way of the iOS or Android app.

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“There is no one-stop shop for your invite, CRM, planning, and guest management needs,” TechCrunch’s former co-Editor in chief Alexia Tsotsis said of the startup. “Joy aspires to be that one-stop shop, giving brides and grooms peace of mind, and better yet, joy.”

For the time being, Joy isn’t nearly as ubiquitous as some other popular digital wedding tools, such as TheKnot, but it has still made impressive strides since first launching four months ago. Whereas Joy was planning 150 weddings a month upon inception, it’s now dealing with some 150 weddings a day, and is active in over 100 countries.

So if you’re looking to say “I do” sometime soon, Joy may be the key to your happiness.

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