Social Media

Twitter’s new timeline has arrived, here’s how you can activate it

Twitter has officially launched its new home timeline, which displays tweets based on an algorithm to show you relevant content you may have missed. Here's how you can activate the new feature.

Identity thieves used thousands of stolen SSNs to generate IRS e-filing pins

Armed with malware and over 400,000 stolen Social Security Numbers, attackers managed to generate 101,000 e-filing PINs before being shut down by the IRS. These pins could be used to generate false filings, leading to stolen tax returns.
Home Theater

BitTorrent news streaming app OTT News now available for the Apple TV

OTT News is a new streaming app for the Apple TV and mobile devices that offers election news using the BitTorrent Live peer-to-peer technology, rather than relying on expensive content delivery networks.

A divorcing couple's slandering online reviews helped an attorney win $350,000 in damages

Divorcing couple Copia Blake and Peter Birzon posted online defamatory reviews of the former's divorce attorney, which wasn't a good idea because they led to the attorney winning $350,000 in punitive damages.

Torrents Time isn’t two weeks old yet, but anti-piracy groups are already going after it

Torrents Time makes watching a pirated movie or TV show as simple as watching a show on Netflix. That's likely the reason that anti-piracy group BREIN is going after the software, which launched earlier this month.

How to follow every Dem. and Rep. presidential primary and caucus online

It's election season, and the primaries are just getting started. Here's how to keep track of the primaries, check out which candidates are winning the race to the nomination. We've got people to follow on Twitter, news apps, and…

Gametrailers 'fixes' Bloodborne review to end its 13-year run on a high note

After 13 years of delivering gamers video content and blogs, games media outlet GameTrailers has shut down for business, the outlet announced Monday.

Google releasing new email security features that remind you not to send unencrypted personal info

In case you're hesitant about sending sensitive, potentially dangerous information over the Web, Google has your back with a new set of email security indicators designed to prevent malware.

No more flash: Google moves to HTML5 only for AdWords and DoubleClick

Google continues its crusade against Flash, insisting that all new advertisements uploaded to AdWords and DoubleClick must be displayed in HTML5 instead of the insecure and increasingly archaic Adobe Flash.

Amazon just launched its sommelier service in Japan

There may only be 229 grand sommeliers in the world, but Amazon may be giving them all a run for their money. Amazon's newest virtual service in Japan is a free phone consultation with certified sommeliers.

Obama asks Congress for $19 billion to overhaul U.S. ‘digital defences’

Government systems are woefully out of date, and the people using them aren't trained in digital security, which is why Obama wants to overhaul it all. But he needs $19 billion to do it.

Senator McCain joins the call for new laws against end-to-end encryption

Senator John McCain has called the use of encryption by terrorists “unacceptable,” and has called for new laws to allow authorities to access communications under a court order.