New Adblock Plus service lets you tip the sites you visit most

Adblock Plus says it wants to "revolutionize Web monetization" with a new service that lets its users tip the sites they visit most, allowing publishers to rely less heavily on ad revenue.
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Facebook pays 10-year-old $10,000 for finding Instagram security flaw

A 10-year-old from Finland recently found a security flaw on Instagram that allowed him to delete any comment on the site. His reward for reporting the flaw? A cool $10,000. Ironically, the youngster isn't old enough to have an Instagram…
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Twitter’s new ‘Connect’ tab helps you discover the best accounts to follow

Looking for some new accounts to follow on Twitter? Head over to the new 'Connect' tab, which will give you personalized recommendations based on things like previous accounts, current events, and more.

WhatsApp is back in business: Brazilian judge overturns ban on the messaging app

WhatsApp was banned by a judge in Brazil yesterday. The shut down of the app was supposed to last for 72 hours, but another judge overturned the ruling following an appeal from WhatsApp's lawyers.

Satisfy your wanderlust with Roam, which lets you live anywhere a week at a time

Wanderlust got you down? Get up and travel instead. Now that Roam, an international network of communal living spaces is expanding its reach to even more locations around the world, you really don't have an excuse to stay put.

Google Search now automatically translates (some) foreign words into English

Google Search now works better with its translate service. When you enter a word in a foreign language, the search engine will automatically translate it to your native tongue.

SoundCloud Go finally goes international, but it’s starting small

Just over a month ago, SoundCloud finally announced its long-rumored subscription service SoundCloud Go. Now the service is taking its first steps into Europe, starting with the U.K. and Ireland.

GIphy's new keyboard will keep your favorite Beyonce GIFs on hand for quick access

Giphy, the self-proclaimed largest database of GIFs, is out with a new keyboard on iOS to make searching and sharing GIFs faster and easier. You can save your favorite GIFs and quickly access them through the keyboard.

Real-life Snapchat romance has entire university campus smitten

Snapchat has helped two university students with their budding romance after they professed to liking one another on the app. Their clips and unique geofilters drew the attention of the entire campus, as people tuned in to see if…

Amazon gives Prime Now its own website to get you to shop even more

Amazon's Prime Now rapid delivery service now has its own website so customers no longer have to use the app to place orders. The site should prove popular among Amazon Prime members who prefer to shop on a PC than a mobile device.

Armada Collective DDoS threats were fake, but still scored thousands of dollars

Cloudflare claimes that the DDoS threats against sites over the last month -- allegedly by the shadowy hacker organization Armada Collective -- were just empty, but they still managed to net $100,000 from frightened sites.